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“Dark Star” Linen Female Gambeson

Two-piece female gambeson with buckles

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12 of March 2024

Fits perfect and the build quality is excellent!

ArmStreet Team

Thanks a lot for your feedback, Michelle!

Have a great season!

01 of July 2023

I really love the outfit .

29 of June 2023

Is there a made to measure option on this item?

ArmStreet Team

It can be made in fixed sizes only. 

15 of February 2023

It fits perfectly and feels amazing! I've worn it to sca events and feel incredible in it. The black and yellow is beautiful and it's expertly made ! 10/10

06 of February 2023

This was mostly good, but there where some problems. The buckles are not the best made and fell apart before I even took it out of the package. And the fit was a bit odd. It left too much of a gap in the armpit. I was very disappointed to find that the men's gambison seems of a higher quality and had the option for ties. I fight in SCA and Hema, and my recommendation is if you are buying this for non-combat, it's great if you are a non-fighter. If you are a fighter. Wear the men's gambison. Its better construction provides better movement and is reversible.

Cathy Johnson
25 of January 2023

This was a holiday gift and the fit was perfect.

12 of April 2021

Hello, the Dark star Linen gambeson is gorgeous, is it possible for it to be made for a man?

ArmStreet Team

Unfortunately, it is not possible, sorry.

18 of August 2020

I also went with the linen, to ensure that it wouldn't be too hot. Ordered it in a burgundy with black edges, size 0. I am a 38-ish EUR normally. It's LOVELY! Fits like a glove and isn't too hard to move around in. I use it as a free-standing armor for viking reenactment, and it does it's job well, even though the padding are somewhat thin, as to be expected when it's supposed to be under a plate. Thinking to enforce it by the weaker points, as collarbones and shoulders, but we'll see. For now it is enough.

18 of July 2020

I went with the linen fabric, concerned that wool might be too hot or bulky and cotton too thin or not sturdy enough. And while the color choice pictured with the model (black main with gold contrast) is a good and somewhat obvious choice for armor that is blackened and accented by brass rivets, I saw more "bluing" in the Dark Star armor and thought a midnight blue main color with natural linen contrast might be a good alternative. The natural linen color is a light gray tending to silver. I have attached photos of the gambeson taken in natural light for those of you who wonder what the colors will actually look like (in sunlight and in shade). The idea to have this garment as two pieces is a great one. I often have trouble getting tops in non-stretchy fabrics to fit well in the shoulders, without constricting movement, and yet not be huge in the midsection. If it fits my shoulders, it's typically too large everywhere else. This two-piece solution works great. Additionally, the lace-up closure for the underpart (sleeves) combined with the buckles for the surcoat enable the gambeson's fit to be a bit more customized. Despite being padding meant to protect us from blunt force injuries, it does not restrict arm and shoulder movement appreciably! One-piece gambesons definitely feel restrictive unless you're practically swimming in them. As an aside, the secondary color was included at the main part of the underpart (the bodice?) so if any of you are considering custom color combinations, be aware of that in case you want to request a change. Personally I didn't mind what the crafters did; it's a good contrast with the sleeves and looks nice, if I ever happen to wear the underpart without what I'll call the surcoat portion. The pattern of the quilting contours lends a nice design touch to the garment, and the buckle closures are well-attached. Photos of the arming points at the shoulders are included. Overall, this is a great product and it may be easy to balk at the price, but for a well-designed and constructed functional protective garment, I'd say don't skimp. Get something that does the intended job and yes, looks good while doing it.

25 of May 2020

I'll start out by saying that I love the quality of this-- the fabric is great and well-constructed, as are the buckles. I ordered the blue flax and was afraid it might be a little too bright, but it's actually a really pleasant strong blue. My only issue was the fixed sizing. I went with a size 4 based on my waist and biceps, even though my chest isn't as large, and as a result...the hips fit well but the chest was large! That said, tailoring to fit was really easy, mostly because of the smart way this garment was constructed. (The first pic attached shows one side before tailoring and one after-- basically, this gambeson flares out more at the waist than my body does.) The sleeves fit well under the vest and the nipped in back gives a very smart look from all angles.

07 of February 2020

I love the products come with a linen bag. Fit's nicely with room to grow. I love the range of motion of full shoulder rotation without material bunching. ^-^ This Gambeson is for the win!

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Dawn K
19 of September 2019

Hi, I'm very keen on getting this gambeson in size 6. I've measured myself and the gambeson should fit properly around all my body parts. My one concern is that the gambeson's arm and length will be too short, as I am a very tall person. I just measured my arm length, and it is about 60~61cm to my wrist from the shoulder, and about 67cm from my shoulder to my hips (I don't know how long the gambeson is). Would the size 6 still fit me? Or would I need to order a custom size for it to fit properly?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Dawn, please send us your full height so we could confirm the gambeson will fit you nicely. 

17 of September 2019

Hi, I noticed even in custom size the measurements were still a standard size. I was wondering if alterations could be made to the size of the biceps as I often find them too small on womens attire, or if I would have better luck getting a completely custom size from a different men's gambeson like the Medieval Under Armor Padding? Thanks!

ArmStreet Team

Hello, yes we can make Medieval Under Armor Padding for a woman in custom size. Please send us your measurements for the Dark Star gambeson so we could tell if it can be made in custom size for you.