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Linen gambeson “The Kingmaker”

Two piece medieval linen gambeson

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Primary flax colour/Secondary flax colour

Men's Costumes Size Chart

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Dimensions for Fixed Sizes (length of the central seam from the neckline to the bottom)

This item is part of the “Paladin” collection View collection

This item is part of the “The Kingmaker” collection View collection

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Richard Lange
28 of December 2022

Very pleased with the gambeson! Quality of the material and construction is excellent. I love the two piece construction which allows greater freedom of motion, and provides flexibility in warm weather in Texas. Works great with your paulderons which I purchased earlier.

Richard Lange
28 of December 2022

Wonderful product…I’m very pleased!

23 of November 2022

Very happy with my purchase. Before placing the order, I sent a question about the sizing, because I am right on the border between two sizes. I received an answer quickly and it turned out to be the right one. As others have mentioned, the two piece set-up makes for a very comfortable fit. It also looks great. The only thing you may want to think about if you use it for sword fighting is that it opens on your centre line and there is not a lot of overlap. For longsword sparring, I add a kydex chest plate I made myself. Shipping it from Ukraine to Canada was an uncertain proces because of the war, but that is hardly Armstreet’s fault. In fact, I ordered a gambeson from a Ukrainian company precisely because I wanted to support them a little. All together, I’m glad I did business with them, I unreservedly recommend them and I’ll happily shop here again in the future.

20 of August 2022

Perfect fit. The two-piece construction allows for a greater range of motion a normal single-piece gambeson does. I was really surprised how much of a difference it made.

10 of August 2022

This thing fits like a charm. The thinner tougher padding is perfect for my needs. I ordered the navy blue version and it is so beautiful. I live in Texas and it got here quicker than i had expected. Armstreet kicks ass and I've already ordered some more armor and i cant wait for it to get here!

28 of February 2022

I ordered this gambison with the matching socks. It's quite thin but comfortable and well cut. I haven't tried it with armor, but I think it should fit.

23 of February 2022

I ordered this gambeson in size small in green and brown, and it fits me perfectly. Since it is not custom fitted unlike the chausses, I was concerned about the fit but it's absolutely perfect. Unlike my previous arming jacket this one is not warm when you wear it, and it breathes very well. So wearing it under armour for a long time is not an issue at all. Good arm mobility without any discomfort despite the sleeves being full length. The fact that the sleeves sit separately from the "vest" is fantastic because it means that you can lift your arms unrestricted. Usually the jacket gets squeezed in place by the breastplate and prevents the sleeves from lifting, but that is not an issue with this gambeson. Would definitely recommend!

27 of October 2021

Ordered the gambeson a size smaller than my measurements and yet it still fit amazingly. The two piece design is superb and the linen material feels fantastic. I don't feel encumbered or restricted despite the size discrepancy between my measurements I have and what I ordered intentionally. And the pricing is well justified, though I am happy I got it on sale. All in all, an astonishingly great product that secured a life-long customer.

29 of July 2021

I'm attempting to order the two piece linen kingmaker gambeson with custom size and colors to match the legs I'm able to order through you but I'm not seeing a custom option on this one. Is that something you can do?

ArmStreet Team

We make this gambeson in fixed size only, sorry. 

25 of May 2021

This is an excellent arming jacket. 1. Although it's not strictly historically accurate, the superb mobility of the two piece design is far more important to me. 2. I'm impressed with the arming points; they're in all the places they need to be, and I was able to request leather reinforcement. 3. The manufacturing quality is extremely high. Not a stitch out of place, and the garment is beautifully shaped. 4. The thickness is perfect; thin enough to wear under plate or brig, but thick enough for light sparring in less armored contexts.

30 of March 2020

Great quality gambeson. Is as described. Light, breathable and fits nicely. Allows for great range of movement,yet stays in place so your armour isn't moving out of position. Provides enough padding for buhurts yet is not overly heavy as some other buhurt gambeson can be. Is a pleasure to wear this after wearing my old gambeson. Furthermore the customer service was exceptional.

29 of November 2019

Absolutely awesome! Fits me perfectly, I wouldn’t trade it for any other coat. The winters here in Northern Nevada can be harsh so it being warm is a bonus. I would recommend Armstreet to anybody that asks. You guys are, bar none, the best place to get Armour.

30 of September 2019

Purchased this Item with the leg part too; it's great stuff, very comfortable. Also I have to give you my compliments for your amazing customer service!

11 of September 2019

Fits great, the 2 piece assembly works amazingly well and should be the new standard for any padded jacket. This will greatly assist me in figuring out the Johannes Liechtenauer mitigating injuries.

Mathias Lyon of the Loch
14 of June 2019

Here in Loch Soilleir its hot as hell! One the the errors I believe heavy fighters make in the SCA is not understanding why gambeson was used. It blunts a blow and acts to absorb the force of a strike. In short it's a buffer. But again here in Loch Soilleir, its muggy, humid, and down right hot! Which is exactly why this gambeson is so dag on AWESOME! You can do away with the body of the piece and still have padding on your arms! Allowing you to point your vambraces couters rerebrace and spaulders/pauldrons all the while giving your body some room to exchange heat. I will always have on of these. I just fold my sleeve because they're a little long and wham instant added padded protection to my wrists. Not to mention the piece looks decent as feast garb. Did I mention it comes with points already built into it. Fortunately for me the points were exactly where I needed them to be(Armstreet magic I guess!), but adding some doesnt hurt if you need to. For heavy fighters this is another must have product, especially if you fight in a warmer climate. Throw those three black underarmor shirts you sewed together away, and buy one of these! "For God's sakes man! You might not be a knight yet, but looking like one gets people talking?! If you want be a knight, at least dress like one with this Kingmaker Gambeson!"

30 of April 2019

hi, before i got this i had the European Padded Jack “Paladin”, while it was a great fit and looked really cool, it was a bit uncomfortable under a cuirass (the seem up the side was in the way mostly). i got the kingmaker to make a warhammer empire captian ish look. and not only is the colour amazing, the fact it is in 2 parts is amazing. i can move so much more easely in the arms, and it is so much more comfortable under the cuirass. lots of movability, if there was a rating system, it would be 5 stars. cant wait to get the legs part of this.

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Spencer Reed
22 of January 2020

What is the approximate thickness of the Gambeson?

ArmStreet Team

It is about 1 cm thick. 

Matthew Graf
07 of January 2020

Would it be possible to get this in a size for someone who's 6'5"(195cm) tall?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Matthew, this particular gambeson comes in fixed sizes only. Our pre-made men's clothes fit the full height of 6 feet. You may either order another gambeson in custom size or order this one and return it in case if it is too short. 

05 of January 2020

Is it possible to get this gambeson with buckles like the “errant squire” gambeson?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Alex, unfortunately, this particular gamebson comes in fixed sizes only and can be made with lacing only like shown on the pictures of the listing. 

20 of July 2019

Do u guys post to Malaysia and u have a payment plan?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Faisal, yes we ship to Malaysia and yes we can split the payment for you. 

Josh carlisle
20 of April 2019

Is it possible to have one made that is red with black trim in a xl size?

ArmStreet Team

Dear Josh, this particular gambeson can be made in offerred colors only. However, we can make Hound of War gambeson for you in red linen with black edging. 

15 of March 2019

Will there be a restock or is it possible to place an order for the large size? Alternatively how forgiving would sizing be if I am at the top edge of the medium size chart?

ArmStreet Team

Dear Ben, we often re-stock all the sizes and colors. We can see most of the color combinations are available in size L at the moment. Kindly send us your measurements and colors you are interested in so we could help you to choose the right size and tell when your size will be back in stock. 

07 of March 2019

I see the garment has a "Slim fit" description. Could you please explain the slim fit description.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Russell, it means that this gambeson will fit like on the pictures of the listing. For comparison, our Asian type gambeson fit more loosely. 

Eric Larson
18 of February 2019

Are there any special requirements for cleaning this item? Like is it dry clean only or can you clean it through any normal method?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Eric, dry cleanning is prefferable. However, you may also wash it gently with hands in warm water with soap and then try it flat on the towel. 

Justin kirck
04 of January 2019

Would it be possible to custom order one with an extended inner garment, so instead of a crop top it comes down to the waist?

ArmStreet Team

Dear Justin, customization of this gambeson is not possible at the moment, sorry. This gambeson comes in fixed sizes only and pre-made products cannot be altered, unfortunately.

27 of November 2018

Hi; what is the length of the sleeves from shoulder to wrist? Thank you,

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jay! The sleeve length for XL size is 68-70 cm.

30 of August 2018

Would it be possible just to have the inner part, so just the arms and the upper chest part. So it does not have the body padding.


Hi Tristan! Unfortunately, it is not possible to purchase the parts of the gambeson separately. 


Devin b.
30 of August 2018

Is this coat standerd sizeing, i seen a few of your other items required measurments?


Hi Devin! This gambeson can be made in standard size only. 

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