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“The Kingmaker” Linen Chausses

Legs underarmour quilted padding

$184.00 - $219.00
Standard shipping: $28.00
Standard shipping time: 23-28 Days
Express shipping: $55.00 to
Express shipping time: 10-14 Days
Manufacturing time: 28-42 Days
Please email our manager beforehand if you have a strict deadline for your order

Primary flax colour/Secondary flax colour

Sizes available

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19 of February 2023

Its pretty good so far Fits well to my Legs although this leave me in a bit of a pickle, how do you tie around your leg to put on the greaves without pinching my chausses ? and how thick is the chausses?

ArmStreet Team

Hello, they are about 0.5 cm thick. The greaves usually attached to the upper leg otherwise you can sew arming points on the chausses or send the request to us during the purchase. 

20 of August 2022

Perfect fit. The cutouts behind the knee also provide easy flexibility you don't find in other styles.

23 of February 2022

Fantastic chausses! I ordered the custom fitted ones in green and brown and they fit my legs perfectly. They sit tight enough to secure and not slide around, but not too tight for comfort or mobility. Even though I use the King's Guard leg armour instead of the kingmaker armour, the arming points are in the exact right spots. The linen breathes very well so it doesn't get hot/warm. They are thin enough to be worn under armour but still provide padding and comfort, which is the perfect amount of padding. I strongly recommend these!

18 of October 2021

Very sturdy. Enough padding to make a difference, but light enough to allow for mobility as if you weren't wearing them. The cut-outs at the back of the kneecaps are a genius design choice. No complaints.

Armstreet team

Thank you :)

25 of May 2021

1. Very well tailored to my measurements, a perfect fit under my armor. 2. Excellent sewing. 3. Lightweight and breathable. 4. Conveniently placed belt loops and arming points; supports my cuisses very well. Definitely recommended.

15 of May 2019

My review of the The Kingmaker Linen Chausses(Black and Black): Well made. I am 5'10" 205lbs and I intentionally oversized with an XL. As expected they are a tad too large. I definitely recommend a L for anyone near my measurements who wants a normal fit. The material is a bit thinner than preferred, but that should add some breathability. It is warm as expected. The stitching is all well done and mine came with round black leather string for the calve portions. The string seemed just the right length to fit a wide range of calf sizes. The area that you thread the belt through seems pretty durable and well constructed. The material is very flexible.

If this is a general question we may post it on the page to help other customers, otherwise we will just answer you by email

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20 of June 2022

The size chart isn't popping up properly. What size is the XXL and XL?

ArmStreet Team

Kindly check size chart for pants here

Gabriel Grovo
16 of July 2021

will the thigh arming point on this fit the kings guard leg armor? or is it too low

ArmStreet Team

Hello Gabriel, yes they should work for any armor. 

06 of February 2021

Is it possible to have these made as a pair of joined chausses with codpiece?

ArmStreet Team

Unfortunately, it is not possible, but we can offer you these chausses instead: https://armstreet.com/store/armor/medieval-hosen-hound-of-war

02 of October 2019

What are the pants he's wearing beneath the chausses? i can't seem to find them on your website.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jasper, those chausses were made specially for the photo shoot once only, but they are very similar to the Medieval Chausses that we have available for purchase. 

17 of September 2019

Can I get one leg in one colour and the other leg in a different colour?

ArmStreet Team

Sure, please select custom size option and leave a comment to your order with the colors for each leg. 

02 of August 2019

I like to own at least one pair of armstreet pants ate they same how made for women? Beautiful made i want pair in yellow with natural flax however i also like green with brown

ArmStreet Team

Dear Leanne, please select custom size option for the chausses and leave a comment to your order that they are for a woman. 

Matthew Ledford
28 of April 2019

I am looking to purchase the padded legs but am a teen and still potentially growing. Will order custom size but curious how to correctly add size for growth. Thank you

ArmStreet Team

Hi Matthew, custom size chausses are made to the exact measurements. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that they will fit after the size changes. 

Jaron S. Peters
23 of November 2018

Hello! Is it at all possible to get these chausses in a different color scheme? I’d very much like a set with primary red and secondary green!

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jaron! Yes, of course, please simply select custom option and choose any color combination you like. 

Pierre Wiegand
15 of October 2018

Is the grey under garment part of the Kingmaker linnen chausses or is that a separate garment?

ArmStreet Team

Hello Pierre! The model is wearing hosen under the chausses. 

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