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Asian Type Long Gambeson

Eastern style under armour padding

Not available

For some reasons this item is not available at the moment. Please contact our support at contact@armstreet.com for more detailed information or check these categories for similar items:

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Andrew Peterson
24 of August 2019

Perfect size and fit, I'm a huge guy so I was surprised it worked so well. There was an extra set of buckles due to length which was nice, the buckles tongue is razor shape and needs filing, but they are nice clean brass finishing. Material is tough and well sewn together, all the seams line up nicely and the underarms have movement space in them. I would thoroughly recommend this again, just be aware the shipping company was a bit vague regard where the package was.

Stacey Makowetski
13 of February 2017

Hello, A couple years back I ordered the Longer Gambeson Medieval Underarmour, which worked out awesome. Here is a link of it in action, obviously I am the dude in the long black coat :) Btw. it held up awesomely, and I do at least 16hrs of full speed to medium speed sparing every week (I wear padding underneath it for a little added protection. I am interested in Asian Type Long Mongol Gambeson, I want to look even more cooler hehe. The issue right now is...I am using/trying out the SG 5-Finger Sparring glove, and the thick sleeves will not fit under the glove, or a couple other gloves I am trying out. I am wondering if the Asian type Gambeson could be modified to end at the elbows in some way that still looks good, but provides upper arm padding still? A further question is...can certain areas of this type of Gambeson be reinforced as well, for instance the shoulders and front torso, so I do not have to wear and extra protection? I want to try and get as light and fast as possible, with great protection. This is not too important to me, just a inquiry, I am most interested in shortening up the sleeves etc. Talk to you soon. Stacey Makowetski.

ArmStreet team

Wow, thanks for the video, you`re great ;) Well, we can make the sleeves shorter, jokay. Just let us know the desired sleeve length from the middle of the back, and mention this in the comments to your order.

27 of November 2016

I must say, I ordered this gambeson and it is absolutely incredible. It feels inside and out, like how it looks, amazing. Good work

ArmStreet team

Thank you for your feedback, it is really important for us to hear such words. :) I`ll pass your comment to the seamstress.
Always welcome back to ArmStreet!

Eric B.
31 of December 2011

Great gambeson, nice finition!

ArmStreet team

Thanks for your feedback, Eric!

If this is a general question we may post it on the page to help other customers, otherwise we will just answer you by email

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Keith Kuchaes
22 of February 2019

Is there a way to get this in black with a red lining?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Keith, yes it is possible. Please simply send this request in the comment to your order.

Andre Szajnfeld
09 of December 2015

Hi I am looking to have custom made a long, light gambeson. The long mongol gambeson would be an excelent starting point, but I would like to know if a modification is possible. I already own a standard long mongol gambeson, and utterly love the design of it, but find that it is simply to thick and heavy for long time wear during the summer. Could you make one with reduced padding thickness, or perhaps no padding at all?

ArmStreet team

We can make it with thinner padding for the same price - simply mention this modification in a comment to your order.

Cannot be made without padding, sorry. A long jacket made of two layers of quilted linen fabric without any padding won't keep its shape and will look a bit weird :)

06 of January 2015

Okay, this gambeson is amazing. What is the blue over layer? Is it sold separately?

ArmStreet team

It's a part of Korean “Qianlong Emperor armor”, to date it's not available, sorry.

chris handley
15 of September 2014

Hi im interested in purchasing the - Asian Type Long Mongol Gambeson with Flax Linen Exterior, and was just wondering - do i submit my exact measurements to you or do i need to add a few centimeters to allow for the gambeson to fit me comfortably, or do you guys do all the "adding on" Thanks! hope to hear from you soon!! regards chris

ArmStreet team

Please do not add any inches/centimeters to your measurements, we add the allowance ourselves.

Hallr Brjost
23 of January 2013

This is an amazing looking gambeson. Is it a recreation of an existing historic gambeson? Or a creation of what might have been worn?

ArmStreet team

This gambeson is a reconstruction of the Qianlong emperor's gambeson, although usually we don't make exact copies.

04 of November 2011

I wonder about the difference in prices for this Asian Type Long Mongol Gambeson regarding US$ and EUR. For me it would be cheaper to order in US$ than in EUR. So its just a mistake for the difference or would it be ok for you, if I order for US$? Thanks, Nico

ArmStreet team

You can use any of our sites, regardless of your location and country of destination - all our sites ship worldwide.

20 of October 2011

Would it be possible to cut this coat down a bit to the mid thighs or knees?

ArmStreet team

Yes, please add a comment to your order with exact length of the gambeson (from shoulder seam to the hem).

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