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Lamellar “Steppes Warrior”

Mongolian stainless lamellar armour kit

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10 of February 2023

I've recently purchased and worn this armor for SCA fighting. I really like it and it's just the look I was going for. However, there are two decent sized flaws I need to immediate fix that are worth mentioning. A) The synthetic cord has already frayed and teared in multiple places. It is a low quality cord that, with the amount of weight and movement this armor has, should've been paracord from the get go. I'm debating rebuilding the entire kit with 550 paracord so I'm not constantly patching small parts here and there. B) The spaulders are integral to the chest pieces. If you are used to "European style" lamellar armor where the front and back chest pieces are more or less together, you'll find this to sit quite differently on your body. This normally shouldn't be an inherent problem, but my shoulders and neck muscles are angled, not letting the spaulders sit where they need to sit. In turn, the spaulders want to slide down and away from the center of my body from the 40lbs of steel pressing down on them. This spreads everything away from my neck and center of my body to create a very odd center of gravity far lower on my body and nearly onto my arms than it should. Trying to figure out what I can do to make this work. I can't fight in it as it is, but I really really love the look and feel of this entire kit.


Thank you for your feedback, and I think we really ned to gedesign this one after so many years, so we will

John Robinson
18 of December 2009

I have this armour, and am very happy with the purchase.Canada

ArmStreet team

Thanks for your feedback, John!

If this is a general question we may post it on the page to help other customers, otherwise we will just answer you by email

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17 of April 2024

I see that someone asked about 14ga or 12ga and that could not be accommodated. What about 18-16 ga? one of the most popular worldwide larps https://wiki.amtgard.com/index.php/Lamellar#Requirements says steel armor must be at least 1.22 mm which is 18ga, but gives bonus points if 16ga

ArmStreet Team

Dear Breeblebox, 1 mm thick steel is the only possible option for this armor, unfortunately. 

29 of May 2020

Hi ,boss.Is this armor can up upground to 14 or 12 ga hardened steel lamellar?

ArmStreet Team

Hello Billy, unfortunately, it is not possible. 

Dominic Moser
17 of December 2019

can you say how heavy it is for a normal person wearing m with 178cm and 75 kg

ArmStreet Team

Hi Dominic, the weight is about 38 lb

14 of February 2017

Hi! I was wondering what kind of scale type and lacing pattern was used!

ArmStreet team

We use 1mm stainless steel scales, 4x8 cm. The photos where you can see the lacing method are attached below in the comments.

28 of December 2016

Hi, I'm a relatively small woman. Would the price of this kit vary due to less rows needed to create it? Also, I'm only interested in buying the body armor and not the shoulder pads and tassets which are included. Thank you!

ArmStreet team

The armour w/o tassets and spaulders will cost $639.00 + $125.00 shipping. As for the size, we could lower the price to $600.00 considering that you`re petite. If that works for you, please confirm, and we`re ready to send you a PayPal invoice for the order (PayPal account is not necessary needed, you can pay with your credit card).

08 of December 2016

Would it be possible to order only the cheat piece without the skirt and spauldets? If so what would be the price difference?

ArmStreet team

The armour w/o tassets and spaulders will cost $639.00 + $125.00 shipping. If that works for you, we can manually place your order and we`ll send you a PayPal invoice for the order.

08 of December 2016

Could I get the armor with leather lacing instead of the cord?

ArmStreet team

Leather lacing can be made for $100.00 extra. If that works for you, we`ll add it to the invoice.

Ryan Pfister
21 of August 2016

Is this armor able to handle hits from steel weapons? Best guess for weight of armor on 6ft tall 44-inch chest male.

ArmStreet team

Yes, all of our armor except of the fantasy kits is made to be used in full contact fighting.

25 of July 2016

i am interested in buying this lamellar armor but is there any way you can add more to the front and rear Tassets.

ArmStreet team

One scale from this lamellar is 4x8 cm, so please specify how many layers of the scales you would like to add. We can add one more row on the leg parts for $65.00 extra.

Kim Black
02 of March 2016

Can this set come in blackend metal?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Kim, yes it is possible. 

23 of January 2016

Can you guys use the blackened steel plates instead of the stainless steel plates, and is there an additional charge?

ArmStreet team

While we don't produce blackened/darkened armor for the technical reasons, sorry.

08 of December 2015

Hello, I already have the torso portion of the Medieval Lamellar Stainless Steel. Is it possible to order the other parts seperately?

ArmStreet team

Yes, we can make the lamellar pauldrons and tassets for $399 + $89 shipping. If this works for you, we can send an invoice for the order directly to your PayPal email.

William Hall
19 of August 2015

I was wondering what method of stringing do you use for this, and if you would be so kind as to show me a picture of it.

ArmStreet team

Lacing method is shown in the photos below. Welcome!

Mark Klimaszewski
09 of August 2015

I would be interested in a scale armor suit or coat as along as it was made with the scales overlapping the top of the scales rather than the bottom. Therefore a blow delivered downward would glance off, rather than imbed. SS or HEAT/OIL treated.

ArmStreet team

We've discussed your request with the armorer, and he says the scales of the stainless steel lamellar can be attached to each other in this way. But please note, we can produce such lamellar as a custom order only, thus it cannot be returned, refunded or exchanged if you're not satisfied with the final look. On the other hand, you'll get a unique armor, which is one of a kind.

Mark Klimaszewski
30 of July 2015

Thank you for contacting me. Your products are very nice. I have a question about the lamellar armour. The suits that I have seen have the scales overlapping, with the bottom edge of any scale overlapping the top edge of the scale lower down. In this way the downward stroke of a weapon glances off. Your system has the reverse. The bottom edge of any scale tucks in behind the top edge of the scale lower down. Therefore a downward stroke of a weapon cuts into the body. Does your model have the armor right side up. I would be interested in a suit the way that I describe. Mark

ArmStreet team

Scale armour is really built as described above, it was often used by infantry, while the lamellars were mostly used by armored horsemen. To cut the body, your the opponent should use a weapon with a very thin and sharp blade, such as a court sword or stylet, and direct a jab vertically downwards (thus, he must be much higher, or you should kneel to him). Even such a blow is not fatal, if you wear padding under the lamellar. At the same time you're fully secured from upward blows, which are used in close combat more often.

28 of May 2015

could you use the paladin style etching for this armor set?

ArmStreet team

Lammellar scales cannot be etched, sorry.

14 of May 2015

Would it be possible to get this in. 8mm titanium. Instead if stainless and if so what would be the price?

ArmStreet team

We don't use titanium in the production of the armor for technical reasons, sorry. The scales can only be made of 18 ga (1 mm) stainless steel.

Kyle Fitch
24 of November 2014

Where can i get the helmet the model wears?

ArmStreet team

We don't produce this helmet any more, it was excluded from our range, sorry.

Ramon Coma
09 of April 2014

HI, Steel bracers are included in base case? Thanks

ArmStreet team

Bracers are not included, you can order them separately - Western Bazubands with rounded elbow and 2 straps or Bazubands with pointy elbow and 1 strap.

Bailey Young
25 of December 2013

Does this include the clothing worn underneath the armour and if not which one from this store would you recommend?

ArmStreet team
10 of November 2013

Is that helmet still avaible?

ArmStreet team

We don't produce that helmet any more, sorry.

01 of February 2011

Does this armor come with the sword, bow, and wrist bracers or or those add ons? They're in all the pictures but not mention in the description. Thanks!

ArmStreet team

The sword, bow and bracers are not included.

17 of November 2010

is the prices i see aus or american? and would this lamellar look ok if i am going for a novgorod/ kiev rus look

ArmStreet team

Prices on the site are in US dollars.
It works for both ancient Novgorod and Kievan Rus as well.

03 of October 2010

If the shoulders and tassets are optional does the price and production time change? Thanks.

ArmStreet team

Shoulders and tassets are included. Manufacturing time is 30-40 days for the whole kit.

27 of April 2010

Do you happen to just sell the stainless plates?

ArmStreet team

We don't sell the steel plates separately, sorry.

15 of April 2010

hi Iam from slovak republic.It is possible to send the armor at slovak republic

ArmStreet team

Sure, we do ship worldwide!

Justice Reisenbeck
20 of November 2008

Looks fantastic. how much to ship to the uk i wonder?

ArmStreet team

Delivery to UK costs $165.00. Shipping rates are equal for all countries and states.

05 of November 2008

Any chance this site sells Burgonet helms?

ArmStreet team
25 of August 2008

Hi! Pls specify if you are able to ship this armor to other countries? By the way what is its weight? Thanks in advance for reply! Alex

ArmStreet team

We do ship worldwide. Aproximate weight is listed in the description above.

18 of July 2008

I am Lord Jarhead on https://www.renaissancefestival.com/ The robe underneath, is it a robe you produce and could it be done in black?? LJ

ArmStreet team

The tunic is available in our store, it can be made in black. You're welcome!

stephen langkamp
10 of July 2008

do is it come with the red robe?

ArmStreet team

Red tunic is not included, you can order it separately here.

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