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Medieval Leather Lamellar

Combat leather and steel armor body suit

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Manufacturing time: 28-42 Days
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28 of April 2020

This is one of my favorite kits and the one I use the most. Lamellar provides a great balance between flexibility and protection, it's tank solid and works perfectly for live steel. I wanted it custom, so this is custom dark-blue leather and a little bit customized design - main changes are the front slit instead of side buckles and a smaller number of scales on the waist to create a waistline for both aesthetic and weight-distribution reasons plus full shoulders and tassets. This is honestly my favorite armor and the one that is probably the most universal. (*this feedback is written by the member of ArmStreet crew as a part of our feedback system testing. It reflects armor owner's personal opinion though)

Ted Shelton
16 of April 2015

Great custom work at very good prices & work hard for customer satisfaction

ArmStreet team

We are pleased to get such a warm feedback! Enjoy your shopping!

If this is a general question we may post it on the page to help other customers, otherwise we will just answer you by email

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David Levin
18 of March 2017

In the description you say that the shoulder has two rows. Is that one row of scale and one row of leather or two rows of scales and two of leather?

ArmStreet team

The shoulders have one row of leather and one row of scales over it.

john deruiter
10 of November 2015

how long before you can ship and how long does it take to ship the medeval lamellar leather steel body/arm/leg armour? and does this require underneath padding?

ArmStreet team

Manufacturing takes 4-5 weeks, plus shipping usually takes 2-3 weeks. Thus, total processing time is 6-7 weeks. We recommend wearing it with padding, such as Armor Padding Asian Type Long Gambeson.

09 of November 2015

How thick is the leather part 4mm? 11oz? Just wanted to know if it will be SCA legal

ArmStreet team

Leather thickness of about 4 mm. It should be SCA-legal as a torso armor when worn with a padding jacket, according to the Marshal's Handbook.

Dennis Jackson
11 of October 2015

I am quite interested in your Medieval Lamellar Leather Steel Armor Body Suit. Are their opportunities to embellish the armor with other pieces added or modified?? For instance: Bracers, A Longer articulated spalders for better upper arm coverage, a Gorget possibly... Of course I will make good for the change. I would like to get a quote perhaps of the rest, ball park figure nothing in stone just a reference for a target :) Really nice piece, I would like to have it for blunted practice. Cheers, Dennis

ArmStreet team

The lamellar can be made with the longer spaulders (6 lines of the scales instead of 2) for $120 extra and with the front tassets - $80 extra. Matching bracers are bazubands, they can be purchased separately.

08 of October 2013

Hi! Are you able to blacken the stainless plates?

ArmStreet team

To date we can't make blackening, sorry.

Kensman Bam
02 of February 2012

I would just like to confirm that this armor has the shoulders with it as well. It sounds like it does, but I want to double check.

ArmStreet team

Yes, lamellar shoulders are included (2 lines of scales by default, 6 lines for $120 extra).

Jamey Kerr
10 of January 2012

is the gambeson absolutly necessary? two reasons i am asking this 1) the larp i am going to rejoin is boffer larp, so not so much need of impact protection. 2) it gets quit warm here in central tennesse in the summer, so must keep the threat of heat exhaustion/heat stroke in mind when chosing costuming and such. thank you

ArmStreet team

It's needed to prevent chafing.
If the armor is used for demonstration purposes only, gambeson can be replaced by something like a leather/suede jacket.

Alfred Lim
22 of February 2010

Can this armor be worn with the european short gambeson? or must it be used with the longer Asian style gambeson?

ArmStreet team

It can be worn with the European Gambeson, but Long Asian Gambeson is type of padding which fits this armor from both historical and practical point of view.

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