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Medieval Clamshell Armor Gauntlets

Updated lamellar gauntlets, Slavic style

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Steel/Leather/Inner mittens/Polishing

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Joshua Poplawski
29 of November 2022

These fit perfectly and look beautiful and exceeded all of my expectations! Even the bag they come with is beautiful and well made. You are doing amazing work and your customer service has been excellent. I have no critique other than to keep doing what your doing because the quality and value is amazing!

26 of August 2022

These are excellent hand protection and allow a nice, strong grip on the sword. Beware cleaning - mud that gets on the gloves or behind the gloves and on the inside ranges from frustrating to impossible to clean off. That being said, if it's a choice between broken fingers and dirty gloves, go with dirty gloves! Also, be mindful of the tip of the thumb. The steel rolls over it a little, but the edges and inside can be a little exposed. The Armstreet team were kind enough to tailor these to not only fit my abnormally tiny Hobbit hands, but also to blacken them to match the armour set. They are just plain helpful, friendly and skilled and I'm amazed at their work ethic, especially given the current circumstances.

Shawn W
07 of August 2022

These are awesome gauntlets for HEMA longsword sparring. I tried them out within a week of receiving them and they function beautifully. Much nicer than the SPES heavies, although a little heavier (easy enough to get used to, just expect to be slower then normal at first). I took some good hand hits and the worst that happened is the finish got slightly scratched. These have excellent mobility and articulation as well. I'd recommend a plastic fingertip protector on your thumb in the gauntlet, just in case, but these are pretty great.

Dekgym ATM
26 of January 2022

Strong and Migthy there is some mistake along the way but quality exceed the inconvenience SO it still five star any way

01 of July 2021

Will the Medieval Clamshell Armor Gauntlets, Blackened Spring Steel XXL be in stock any time soon? Source:

ArmStreet Team

We will re-stock them for sure, but there is no ETA, unfortunately. Meanwhile, you are most welcome to select custom size option for the gauntlets and they will be made per order for you. 

If this is a general question we may post it on the page to help other customers, otherwise we will just answer you by email

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