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Medieval Long Bracers Bazuband

Boat-shaped forearm armour bracers

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25 of August 2018

Are these SCA legal?


Hi, Tristan! These bazubands can be SCA legal if you wear them with elbow cops. It is important for the elbow to be protected properly. 

Matthew Lambert
25 of June 2017

Is it possible to fully extend your arms comfortably in these bracers? Or do they inhibit full extension because of the wrap around at the elbow? Thanks

ArmStreet Team

Yes, it is comfortable to extend the arms. 

Aaron Harris
09 of March 2017

Are this arms combat ready or are they for show?

ArmStreet team

The bazubands are meant to be used for fighting, not just for show. :) They are made of 16 ga stainless steel, can be upgraded to 14 ga stainless steel for $50.00 extra. They are comfy and reliable.

23 of June 2014
I am planning on buying these in the next few weeks but before I do I would like to see what these look like when they are worn.
13 of June 2014

How much would i be charged if i were to buy one "Medieval Functional Long Arm Bracer Bazuband" for my right arm?

ArmStreet team

One bazuband costs $75 + $24 (shipping).

Everett Cole
20 of January 2001

WOW!!!! very impressive in every way! fast delivery for so far away!

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