Etched Medieval Vambraces

Functional stainless steel bazubands

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Landon A. Pearman
02 of August 2019

Hello, couple of quick questions about these... are these sold as a pair or individually? Also is there a matching pair of greaves?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Landon, they are sold as a pair and there are no matching greaves, sorry. 

jasmine Stanciu
02 of February 2019

I'm looking into buying these i understand your disclaimers but i'm wondering what gauge this is a wish to use it in active sca heavy fighting

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jasmine! These vambracers are made in 16 ga stainless steel by default. They can be made thicker upon request. Please contact our suppot manager for more details. 

John B
23 of July 2018

So my Celtic-etched stainless steel bazubands arrived this past week, and they received their first use over the weekend - I am absolutely thrilled with them. The fit is exact, sized to fit over my gambeson just right, so they stay in place without any additional tie points. The engraving work is eye-catching. I'm looking forward to expanding my collection with further purchases from this excellent collection of armor.