Brigandine “Knight of Fortune”

Leather-covered combat body armor

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Jacob Sprafka
11 of May 2018

When choosing my size, should i pick a size up so that a gambeson or other type of padding fits underneath, or is that accounted for?

ArmStreet Team

Dear Jacob, please simply measure yourself over the gambeson and select the size accordingly. 

Corey Brockway
18 of January 2018

So this brigandine has the steel plates inside?


Yes, 1mm sick mild steel plates. 

Arnold Ziemann
30 of November 2016

It would be safe to assume that as I fit your XL euro gamberson, the XL brigandine would fit comfortably over it. 3 questions. Appox weight of armour, the 2nd & 4th colour patch look exactly the same on my monitor - so not sure what the colours are. Finally is there enough adjustment size to wear a Maille haubergeon underneath it as well as the gamberson?

ArmStreet team

Yes, if our gambeson in size XL fits you, the brigandine in that size should fit you as well.
The weight is about 5-6 kg. The 2nd patch is Black leather and the 4th one is Black suede, so
the colour is the same, but materials are different. There should be some extra room, also the straps on the back allow to adjust up to 10 cm.

16 of September 2016

Does this come in the same type of leather as shown on the King's Guard brigandine fauld?

ArmStreet team

Yes, the same leather is used on both items. Please note, that leather shade may vary, as unfortunately we can't control color of leather which comes from our suppliers. Sometimes it may be darker or lighter.

21 of August 2016

Would it be possible to get this made with buckles in the front. No chains hanging off either. I'm looking for one I can put on by myself. I don't have access to a squire.

ArmStreet team

The brigandine cannot be made with the buckles in front, sorry. The chains in front can be removed easily, you can just mention it in the comments to your order.

04 of March 2016

can this be made out of cotton material instead of leather?

ArmStreet Team

We cannot make it in cotton, but we can make it in wool, like the brigandine below:

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