Helmet “Knight of Fortune”

Early bascinet helmet with nasal plate

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08 of August 2018

How much would it take off if the etching was to be removed?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Tristan, we can make 5% discount additionally for this particular helmet withour etching. 

Graeme Anderson
25 of July 2018

Is this helmet based on any historical examples? If so, what general time period?


Hello, Graeme! This helmet is based on the open-faced bascinet first recorded in the Italian city of Padua in 1281. A bascinet with a type of detachable nasal (nose protector) appeared in Germany around 1330.

Joffrey S.
26 of July 2017

Can the aventail be longer so it doesn't bunch up at the back of the helmet and could you also add padding under the aventail

ArmStreet Team

Hi Joffrey, yes we can make aventail longer for $80 extra and we can make SCA protection under the aventail (no extra cost).

Jason Thoreson
06 of September 2016

For the Knight of Fortune Helm Whats the size of gaps for the Eye slots? Im looking for no more the 3/4 inch gaps. If at all possible if the gaps are larger, can the helm be modded for this? And can it come in some form of celtic etching rather then the floral?

ArmStreet team

We can modify the slots to face the requirement, just add it to the comment to your order.

It should be possible to make the Celtic etching, but please note, custom etching may take significant time and be comparatively pricey. If you are interested in this project, we can send the request to our designer and then we`ll be able to tell you the cost and time frames.

08 of July 2016

This is my favorite looking helmet by far. The aesthetics are phenomenal, especially when viewed from the side! The two questions that I have concerning it are, does the helmet have a chinstrap and is it possible for the chain aventail to be extended? It doesn't need to be extended by much, just to about the length of a coif. Thanks!

ArmStreet Team

Hi Brian, yes the helmet has a chainstrap and the aventail can be made longer for $80 extra. 

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