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Armor Helmet “Knight of Fortune”

Italian bascinet helm with 2 visors

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08 of January 2024

A high quality helmet 5/5. I appreciate the built in padding and it worked well for my head/face shape. I am able to wear sport goggles (I need glasses) under the helmet. It is great that it comes with riveted mail and not butted mail. I love the look of the visor shape but depending on your cuirass beware of conflict between the chest and vertically elongated visor shape if you try to look down with your neck.Of course there are always mobility/sight tradeoffs but I like the balance of this helmet. The lower breath holes provide a significant amount of sightlines and air. As the Guest said on Jan 2023, depending on the depth of your eyes relative to your forehead (basically) your sideward vision could differ because the visor and sidewalls of the helmet are further from your eyes. My helmet looks/works great after 5 years and some decent sparing. Good work again Armstreet.Best wishes to Ukraine in 2024.

29 of January 2023

The good: the helmet itself looks amazing and fits perfectly. I took it on the field yesterday and had non-stop comments about how awesome it was. The bad: the original padding it came with was too thick. There's a point where this helmet narrows at the neck and the padding prevented me from even putting it on. After removing the padding/lining and recreating it with what I needed, everything was good. The neutral: there is virtually no peripheral vision in this helmet despite outward appearances. The faceplate would allow it, but the helmet itself prevents it. It was fine for single combat, but the lack of vision in a melee was prohibitive. Also, due to padding and thickness of the steel that I have, it was very hard to hear, but that will vary per person. Lastly the chin strap, while functional, is hard to get to when you have the helmet on.

12 of July 2020

I'm very glad I bought this helmet, the looks are fantastic but where I'm most happy is how tough it's been and how well it's fit me. (Always double check your measurements and see a clothing store professional if you need help!) I'm also glad for the choice of face plates that I have. Now because of the visibility that they afford my ability to learn and react are now much better than they had been.

Morten Bay
04 of February 2020

I just brought this helmet as a Christmas gift for myself. And I have to say that it is high standard and really worth the money. Armstreet have been easy to get in contact with, and their communication is great. The helmet itself is just wonderfull. I would highly recommend others to buy from Armstreet, and this product is also worth a reccomendation.

Felix Poppenberg
20 of July 2014

Here are some Pictures of me wearing the Helmet.

If this is a general question we may post it on the page to help other customers, otherwise we will just answer you by email

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15 of October 2022

Does the weight of the helmet you mentioned(7kg) include the weight of the aventail?

ArmStreet Team

Yes, it is a total weight.

05 of February 2020

How much does the 12g helmet weigh?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Az, it weights approximately 7 kg.

12 of January 2020

are there any other leather colors that can be used on the aventail?

ArmStreet Team

Yes, we can make it with black leather, no extra cost. 

30 of August 2019

Hi! Will I need an arming cap to make this fit? Thank you!

ArmStreet Team

Hi Dale, the helmet comes with padding by default. 

Jonathan Reynolds
11 of July 2019

Would it be possible to order an extra visor with perfplate/wire mesh for hema/sca steel combat?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jonathan, please contact our support team with the picture of the visor you would like to have so we could confirm we can make it. 

Joshua Wiebelhaus
28 of May 2019

Could I have a plume holder added to the back of the helm?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Joshua, please send us a picture how it should look like so we could confirm we can make it. 

19 of April 2019

Hey! I've only got one question; if I did purchase this down the road, I would be doing so with the intention of fighting with it, but I'm still unsure if it'd be within the rules of the IMCF (which I hope to be a part of), so, if it wasn't, could I return it? I absolutely love the design, and this is my only qualm.

ArmStreet Team

Dear Ian, custom size helmet cannot be returned, but you may send the requirements to the helmet so we could confirm it will pass for IMCF

19 of September 2018

What is the weight of the 16g helmet including aventail? Do you have the option for a stainless aventail?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Emily! The weight is about 7 kg. We can make butted stainless steel aventail. Riveted aventail can be made in mild steel only. 

05 of June 2018

Can you get this helmet blackend?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jaret, yes it is possible, but it will be made in mild steel in this case. The helmet will cost 20% extra. 

Jason Swanson
25 of February 2018

Does the aventail come with or is it purchased separately?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jason, the aventail is included in price. 

Blaise Carey
17 of August 2017

I'm moving to Taipei soon, but I don't have an address yet. I'd like to jump on the discounted price, but do I need to have an address to order, or can I update my shipping info later?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Blaise, please simply leave a comment to your order that address will change. 

07 of March 2017

Is it possible to send you a design to be used as the laser cut visor?

ArmStreet team

In theory that is possible, but please note that it will influence production time and helmet cost as well. Please send me some sketches of the design you`d like to get and we'll check with our chief armourer if we can accept custom order like this now.

11 of January 2017

How much for just the laser cut visor? I already have the Italian helmet and like the laser cut visor.

ArmStreet team

The laser cut visor can be made separately for $200.00 + shipping, the only problem is that we cannot guarantee the fit if we don`t have the helmet here.

10 of January 2017

Can I purchase a laser cut face plate from you either this one or maybe something custom.

ArmStreet team

The laser cut visor can be made separately for $200.00 + shipping, the only problem is that we cannot guarantee the fitting if the visor is made remotely from the helmet you`re gonna use it with.

15 of December 2016

So, both visors come with it for the $799? Gods, I wish I had the money for this. Soon, desi... soon... Also, am I seeing an aventail that goes across the face behind the faceplate? I fight with live steel, and that would be a big plus considering safety and all the holes in the later-cut visor.

ArmStreet team

Yes, both visors are included into the price and there is an aventail which covers part of the face as well.
As for the price, we could actually split the payment, let`s say, you pay half now and half once the helmet is ready. Let us know, if that`s an option and we`ll send you a PayPal invoice
for the first payment (PayPal account is not necessary needed, you can pay with your credit card).

Paul Clark
22 of August 2016

Hi, is this helmet the same shape as the stainless steel Italian long face bascinet? Thanks Paul.

ArmStreet team

Yes, these helmets have the same shape.

02 of July 2016

Some time ago I ordered one of your "German style XIV century" bascinets. I love it, but i'm curious: 1) would the laser cut faceplate from this helmet fit on that one? and 2) if so: is there a way for me to purchase just the laser cut faceplate so i may swp it out with the one one that came with my helmet? I love the bascinet, but visibility has proven an issue in larger field fights.

ArmStreet team

Perhaps it's possible, please email us the link to the bascinet you have or a picture of it, and we'll check this with our armorer.

Andrak Heriot
31 of May 2016

Love the design. Question, is the aventail by default made of stainless steel? if not how much extra would I have to pay? very happy with my gambeson and pauldrons I purchased awhile back, so a nice helmet is desired to complete the desired look. I love that you use stainless steel, not all are willing to spend hours of time in maintenance.

ArmStreet Team

Dear Andrak, yes we can make the aventail in stainless steel but it will be butted, not riveted. No extra charge. Please simply leave this request in the comment to your order. 

Logan Maldonado
01 of May 2016

I have this helmet without the laser cut visor?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Logan, yes it is possible. Please contact our support team for the price. 

21 of December 2015

Hello, how much will the helmet cost without etching and without the Laser-cut visor ?

ArmStreet team

This helmet without etching and laser-cut visor costs $629 + $74 shipping = $703.00 totally. If this works for you, we can send an invoice for the order directly to your PayPal email.

08 of December 2015

Hello, a while back I ordered a set of legs (Medieval Full Leg Armor Set: Poleyn, Greaves, Thigh Plates) from you. I have not yet used them for combat and i was wondering it it would be possible to send you the greaves of the set and have you do that beautiful etching seen in your newest collection?

ArmStreet team

For technical reasons etching cannot be applied to the finished product, sorry.

Dirk Fucik
08 of December 2015

I love the new helmet but was curious how much it was without the etching?

ArmStreet team

You'll save 15% of initial price. To get the discount, please email us at contact@armstreet.com.

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