Armor Kit “Knight of Fortune”

Functional combat suit of armor, 14th c.

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12 of February 2019

Does this come with a helmet? If so, does it matter which helmet, and would it add to the over all price?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Nat, helmet is not included but can be purchased separately. You may select any other helmet you like here for this armor set. 

03 of February 2019

Just wondering what pieces come with the knight of fortune armor kit

Joseph Byrnes
02 of November 2018

Hey, I was wondering if I order this set without the etchings, would that impact the price/manufacturing time? If so, by how much you think? Thanks! Joseph

ArmStreet Team

Hi Joseph, yes we can make a discount for you on etching and we can rush your order if needed. Please contact our support team for the price. 

Andrew Sutton
13 of March 2018

Would I be able to buy this with the "SCA lamellar gauntlets" rather than the gauntlets that come with with the set. Would this set require the purchase of a gorget to make it SCA legal? Or does the helm and armor cover enough of the neck? Can the halberd head be excluded from the purchase? And can this armor be worn with the fauld from the "kings guard" set?

ArmStreet Team

Dear Andrew, the gauntlets, helmet and halberd are not indluded in set so you can surely mix and match. Yes, skirt can be added to the set as well as gorget. 

28 of February 2018

Is there any possible way I could have this item shipped to a PO box ?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jacob, yes of course, the kit will be sent to the address that you indicate in your order form. 

Simon Dennis nicholson
28 of December 2017

How thick is the steel in your Knight of Fortune kit? Thanks

ArmStreet Team

Hi Simon, the steel is 1 mm thick. 

26 of October 2017

What all is included with this setup?

Daniel Garrett
26 of June 2017

I like the Bascinet helmet SCA with laser cut visor.

John Doe
19 of January 2017

Greetings! I’m from a European reenactment team aiming for a professional appearance of course, and would be interested in a “customized” Knight of Fortune set. (14th century.) Means, the Armor Full Kit but also the - Matching gauntlets (Demi Gauntlets) + leather gloves you’re offering additionally - Bascinet Helmet with Nasal Plate - Medieval Buckler Shield Medium - Pourpoint Gambeson Colors/Design I do like the basic blue/black combination on your example pictures, but are there any other’s which would fit as well? (Perhaps there are any pictures?) I’d be also open for any design suggestion’s if you guys do have any designers. If yes, perhaps the reenactments crest could help as well (Can't send them via the comment it seems, as it blocks such but I could reply on the mail.) 2nd picture I'd have, shows the colors in a real-life setting on a tabard. So, in general I’d be looking for a customized version of the whole armor/gambeson, fitting to my personal body size and perhaps also a designing customization, if any are possible. So therefore, I’d kindly ask for a price/work time needed for the complete set including those customization’s/suggestions? I’m free for any ideas being put forward! My thanks!

ArmStreet team

We'll be glad to help you in making the harness! There are no pictures of that gambeson in other colors unfortunately, but we have the vast range of linen and cotton fabrics, so we can definitely find out the right color combination.
We do design customization sometimes, but we'll need to see some picture or sketches first. Please email us some more info and we`ll discuss it with our designer and armourer, then we'll be able to estimate the price.

Ryan Smith
04 of June 2016

Question: When measuring, I know that there is Body Measurements, and that there is Padded measurements. What I mean to ask is that will the Body Measurements account for wearing a gambeson, chauses, or leather boots?

ArmStreet Team

Yes, please send us your measurements taken over gambeson, chausses and boots. If all underarmor clothes is purchased in our store along with the armor, then we need your measurements without any padding.

Alan Sheppard
20 of March 2016

Does the "Knight of Fortune" suit not come with a helm and gauntlets?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Alan, helmet and gauntlets should be purchased separately. 

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