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Gauntlets “Knight of Fortune”

Stainless steel etched demi-gauntlets

Standard shipping: $52.00
Standard shipping time:23-28 Days
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Express shipping time: 10-14 Days
Manufacturing time: 18-24 Days
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Khora Themsby
14 of October 2017

From the day I placed the order to the day I received it, the gauntlets came in faster than expected from the predicted delivery date. The craftsmanship on it is amazing! From the leather gloves that are paired to fit the gauntlets, to the articulation of the gauntlets themselves! I definitely will be buying from the shop again, and eventually I hope to have a full suit of armor.

If this is a general question we may post it on the page to help other customers, otherwise we will just answer you by email

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11 of August 2019

what is the sword in the shown in the 4th picture

ArmStreet Team

Dear William, it is a decorative sword that was made for a photo shoot. You are welcome to check all our decorative weapon here

03 of March 2019

Hi! For the knight of fortune suit....are gauntlets and helmet included with the suit price? Also, is the brigand as tough and combat ready if you get one of the other colors that is on natural suede?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Josh, full armor kit includes: 

The brigandine is combat ready. Please specify your request on the brigandine. 

07 of December 2017

Is it possible to get these without the etching?

ArmStreet Team

Sure! You`ll save about 15% from the original price. Please contact us at contact@armstreet.com to proceed. :)

07 of October 2016

Would I be able to get these gauntlets with articulated fingers, or would I have to get other gauntlets with this style of etching?

ArmStreet team

The gauntlets can be made with the fingers, it will cost $130.00 extra. Please email us at contact@armstreet.com if it works for you and we'll help you to proceed with the order.

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