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Rondels “Knight of Fortune”

Fingers protection plates for gauntlets

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John B
23 of July 2018

A simple, elegant addition to my armor set up. I experimented with a few ways of wearing these. For the stage work I'm doing, wearing these over a pair of leather gloves as a hand plate seems to be the best bet. The one change I might make is to replace the simple strap with a strap-and-buckle, to more easily adjust it to where and how I'm wearing them on my hands and whether it will be with just a glove, or over a armor gauntlet.

05 of November 2016

I'm curious about what kind of price range to expect if I wanted custom ornamentation on a rondelle plate.

ArmStreet team

Yes, please send us some sketches of the ornamentation you`d like to get, and we'll calculate the price for you.