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Rieneck Armor Arms

Vambraces, elbows, rerebraces, 14th c.

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16 of August 2022

I made the mistake of assuming the depicted pauldrons were included with this set, but a secondary viewing of the item description proves otherwise. I am looking forward to buying the matching pauldrons for my set. As for the fit, I am unused to wearing steel armor. Because of that, I had requested the support elves' :grin: help in affirming that the measurements I took for this order were correct, as had done previously for a custom sized gambeson order I made. VERY UNDERSTANDABLY (due to war) this additional communication didn't happen this time. I did leave the order number to that gambeson purchase and the communication that happened concerning it to potentially make the sizing of this armor order a better fit. Unfortunately, when I donned the armor at home, and at Pennsic XLIX (were peers could lend their expertise) the armor proved to be too long in the forearm. At least an inch of steel was recommended to be removed to make the armor safe to use for me. Alas, I took my measurements to the best of my ability as the diagrams showed to, but I still whiffed. I am glad to see through whatever adjustments will be needed for me to wear the armor. It is beautifully crafted, and I looked forward to wearing it.

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15 of April 2017

Can you get these without the tassels/leather decorations?

ArmStreet team

Yes, this is possible, just mention it in the comments to your order.

28 of April 2016

So with these. Does it come with the pauldrons? Also with European Armor Legs circa XIV, does it come with everything shown?

ArmStreet team

The pauldrons are not included, only the armor arms are the subject of this listing.

The European Armor Legs circa XIV include greaves (bottom part of the legs), poleyns (knees) and cuisses (upper part of the legs).

15 of November 2015

What would the price of the arms be if I wanted them made from mild steel?

ArmStreet team

Can be made of mild steel for the same price as listed, simply add a comment to your order.