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“Olegg the Mercenary” Viking Cloak

Wool broadcloth cloak with embroidery

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Jacob Rier
20 of May 2023

Such a great cloack, it keep me warm up at Crater Lake when it was 26° degrees

04 of July 2022

This is one hell of a cloak. It's large, warm, can be adapted to multiple styles of wearing but above all - it's magnificent! The embroidery is amazing and every stitch and finish is done masterfully. As always, so happy with Armstreet's work!

09 of March 2022

I just received my cloak and I am awe-struck. The embroidery is absolutely beautiful. I purchased it with the Fibula recommended and they make a great pair. I cannot wait to wear it with the tunic I am making. Thank you Arm Street for making my dream come true of owning one of your beautiful works of art. I'll definitely be ordering from you again.

09 of September 2019

I’ve used the Viking Cloak a few times now for camping, great for taking the chill off. Also very handy as a blanket in my swag. Love it.

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24 of June 2021

Is it rectangular or does it have a particular shape that allows you to wear it in the fashion the model does under one arm? Can you give the dimensions? Looks like an amazing product.

ArmStreet Team

Hello Sam, it comes in one size and can be surely worn like in the pictures:

Size of 170 x 130 cm (5'7'' x 4'3''); Weight: 1300 gram 

Ben Collins
11 of January 2020

Do you sell the tunic that he is wearing??

ArmStreet Team

Hi Ben, it was a limited edition and this tunic is sold out, unfortunately. 

Jean-Simon Leblanc-Jalette
29 of November 2019

Theres no instruction about how to care for it :'( Also its pretty thick wool and itches ahah but its kind of soft too and sturdy. Is there a way to soften it ? It took a lonnng time to get it but i'm happy with the final result. Tracking was bugged in Ukraine tho so I think there was a problem with the tracking number

ArmStreet Team

Dear Jean-Simon, thank you for your feedback. We recommend dry cleanning for the woolen products. Unfortunately, this particular cloak won't become softer after cleanning. 

Benoit Lauzon
21 of June 2019

Is the metal piece to hold the cloak part of the purchase?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Benoit, the clasp is not included. You are welcome to check all clasps available here

Gert Rasmussen
10 of May 2019

Is it available for purchase?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Gert, yes the listing is active. You are welcome to place the order for the cloak. 

Jeffrey Lahey
23 of January 2019

The wool tunic in the photo is it available yet?

ArmStreet Team

Dear Jeffrey, it was a limited edition of the tunic and it is sold out, unfortunately.

08 of February 2018

I'm tiny woman, do you think it can fits me too.... I don't really like the regular girly cloaks so this one its really what I'm looking for..

ArmStreet Team

Hi Ely! Yes, the cloak will fit nicely. 

18 of January 2018

Will the grey tunic with yellow trim he is wearing in the first few photos be available any time soon?


The tunic is coming soon! :)

17 of January 2018

You guys looked like you were having so much fun with this shot :D


Oh, yes! We did!

17 of January 2018

Will the grey tunic with the yellow trim he is wearing in the first few photos be available any time soon?


It will be coming soon!

Corey Brockway
16 of January 2018

Possible to get this in black?


The cloak is available in one color only, sorry. 

J Gibbons
16 of January 2018

What are the overall dimensions of the cloak?


The dimensions are 170 x 130 cm (5'7'' x 4'3'').

16 of January 2018

What are the dimensions, including approximate thickness, of the cloak? What is the weight? Thank you.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Lawrence! The size of the cloak is 170 x 130 cm (5'7'' x 4'3''), the weight is 1300 gram 

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