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Tunic “Knight of the West”

Fantasy linen tunic with brocade accents

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Derek P
19 of March 2021

Lovely light fabric for summertime costume events. The custom fit is spot on, which actually makes it a little tough to don since there's no zipper or other opening besides the head. Still, I'd rather it look nice while worn, and it definitely hits that mark. Buttons seem reasonably sturdy and they even included an extra one. The silver brocade is absolutely gorgeous.

31 of July 2018

The tunic is gorgeous! It fits my SO perfectly, and he is excited to wear it on our wedding day. Took a bit longer to ship but once it was on its way it arrived pretty quickly. The extra time and detail was worth itin the end. The midnight blue fabric with the silver brocade compliments each other perfectly too!

Adam Ashley
25 of March 2017

I bought this for my future brother in law and as far as I'm aware he's really happy

03 of July 2016

Got it in green and with the silver brocade. Really nice craftmanship and beautiful details. The arm length is a little bit longer than expected but not a big Deal since you can tighten it around the wrists :) .

Chris N
20 of January 2015

I got this a few years ago and it has served me wonderfully. Black main with silver accents are just perfect for 99% of occasions. The material can get a little itchy so always wear an undershirt and can get VERY hot so please use caution. <3 you armstreet! also, just to note, it took them 3 months to have it custom made and shipped to me.

ArmStreet team

Thanks for the review! We do our best to speed up the production and shipment.

Aimee Wood
29 of June 2014

This is such high quality- shipping took a while, but was worth it. The brocade is gorgeous, the fit is perfect, groom is happy, thank you so much! :)

27 of March 2014

My fiancé just received his Brocade tunic, pants and cloak this week. We are so very pleased with the workmanship and quality. words cannot express how pleased we are with his outfit. Thank you Kayla White

03 of September 2013

The tunic is perfect! Not a stitch out of place and the colors are perfect!

01 of September 2013

I ordered this item for my husband for the Texas Renaissance Festival, and we couldn't be more pleased. We ordered it in silver and black and it looks amazing. He was so pleased that he thought the outfit came from a movie set!

23 of July 2013

Very beautiful ! Thank you ! The order was delivered very quickly. Everything is as we wanted. We highly recommend this seller.

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29 of October 2019

Hi, is the gold brocade option going to come back. I really like the gold and black look.

ArmStreet team

Hi! Sorry, gold brocade won't be available anytime soon, sorry. Unfortunatley, it doesn`t depends on us. We wish it was back in stock as well.

25 of May 2019

can i wear this in a daily base

ArmStreet Team

Hi William, yes of course! The tunic is very comfortable. 

26 of March 2019

Hi! Can you make the knight of the west tunic in white linen instead of the black? Also, is it possible to be delivered to the UK by April 20th?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Natalie, yes please simply select any color and leave a comment to your order that tunic should be made in white color. We can deliver your order on time if it is placed today and express shipping is selected for the order. Please also mention the deadline in the comment to your order. 

18 of September 2018

Is this likely to become available again soon?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jordan! The tunic should be back in stock by Christmas. We are out of brocade at the moment, unfortunately. 

Steven Jackson
14 of March 2017

Hello, I contacted you a while about about the Knight of the West costume, it's for my wedding but I don't wear animal products, I'm ready to order as soon as possible. The tunic and fibula are good as is. You said the cape can be made from another material, I'd like that, but how do I order it? The belt wasn't available as faux leather, is that still the case? Is it possible to order the metal alone so I can have it fit to my own faux leather belt locally? I suppose the bracer is also unavailable as faux leather? Thanks, Steven

ArmStreet team

Nice to hear from you! The cloak can be made of cotton, just mention it in the comments to your order. Unfortunately any artificial leather is available, sorry. The metal accents can be purchased separately.

20 of February 2017

Could this shirt be made in the blue flax linen?

ArmStreet team

Yes, the tunic can be made of Blue flax, but please note, the decorative accents are available in Silver only.  You can just mention the flax colour in the comments to your order, the price will be the same.

Tristan Letscher
22 of December 2016

Do you have any updates on gold brocade? I would only be interested in purchasing if this was once again available.

ArmStreet team

The Gold Brocade is not available any more, sorry. It doesn`t depend on us unfortunately, it is a supply problem. At the moment we can only recommend you taking a look at our “Elven
Prince” Black Flax Linen Medieval Tunic with goldish accents.

19 of September 2016

Can this be made in the red burgundy linen? Is there a chance of the gold brocade coming back into stock? Thanks!

ArmStreet team

Yes, can be made in Burgundy colour, just mention it in the comments to your order. As for the Gold brocade, we can not tell at the moment as it doesn`t depends on us, sorry. We wish it was back in stock as well.

04 of June 2016

Fantasy Flax Linen and Brocade Tunic “Knight of the West” Would it be possible for the shirt color to match the color of the matching cloak if I choose the cloak color to be red? Also, what color is the inside of the cloak when you choose the accents to be silver?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Patrick, yes we can make the tunic in red linen. The silver lining will be made to match the silver trim and silver brocade on the tunic. 

Stephen Mills
08 of April 2015

When we buy a fibula clasp, does this come as a pair with the chain between them to fully complete the cloak fastening?

ArmStreet team

“Knight of the West” fibula includes two clasps and chain.

Ian Wise
05 of February 2015

Is there any way I could special order this made with a purple flax or wool and gold brocade?

ArmStreet team

The tunic cannot be made of wool, but can be made of violet linen upon request. Gold brocade is out of stock, sorry.

Casey Kopp
04 of January 2015

Will the Gold accent ever come back in stock for this item? Also, if it will do you know when? I am getting married in 7 months and would like to get this shirt with gold for the wedding. In addition, is it at all possible to get custom colors for larger orders or to switch the material of an item to get a different color? thank you for your time in advance, Casey

ArmStreet team

To date we don't have any information about the golden brocade, sorry.
Some custom changes are possible, please specify which items you'd like to order, and what colours/fabrics you'd like to use.

Brandon Dixon
10 of July 2014

Can you make a custom sized costume for me? I fairly tall 78" (198cm) and am worried that your pieces won't fit right. I'm interested in the "Knight of the West" costume with the accessories and cloak.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Brandon, we have a huge experience in tailoring and we will make the outfit perfectly fitting you if all the measurments are taken correctly. 

20 of May 2014

Hello! Pants are included or are they "accessories" to add?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Deborah, the pants can be purchased separately. 

Sonya Messinger
11 of March 2014

Hello. I understand custom tunic and coats take 18-21 days and shipping is 32+ days. Do you have a rush option?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Sonya, yes, you may select express shipping that takes 6 days only plus your order can be rushed for 10% extra. 

Patrick M.
23 of February 2014

Because this is both flax and brocade, is there any way to properly clean this without ruining one component or the other?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Patrick, dry cleanning is prefferable, but you may also wash it gently with hands in warm water with soap.

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