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Archer Bracer “Knight of the West”

Longbow archer lightweight etched bracer

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Brian Stuckey
31 of January 2023

I LOVE these bracers!!!! My wife is going to be so shocked at how high quality they are on her birthday!!! Thank you!!!

Ashley Hiatt
29 of January 2023

Got these and matching quiver in black/steel as a gift for my fiance and they are stunning. Would order more from this shop in a heartbeat.

Melissa Lynn Herold
24 of April 2022

Wonderful sellers--my heart is with them in Ukraine.

11 of August 2021

Now these are archer bracers!! Nice thicker leather and the brass work together to provide some real protection. Doing combat archery you still get hits and these will stand up (with a little extra internal padding). Long enough to become bazubands and protect the elbow as well. The lacing leaves a nice smooth surface so the bow string will not catch. First rate for any archer.

09 of July 2020

They look really good, but the right wrist guard I ordered ended up being significantly larger than the left since I ordered them separately not seeing they didn’t come as a pair.

16 of May 2020

I purchased a left and right set for my husband in brown leather with silver metal and they are stunning. The detail is perfect and the design is just beautiful. He says they feel epic, and they look pretty epic too! My only complaint is that the rest of the set doesn't come in silver anymore, I had planned to buy him the whole set (eventually... it takes a while to save up for these things!) but now they wouldn't match. Armstreet please bring back the silver metal!

15 of May 2020

I have to say that I was a bit worried when I purchased this bracer ... Would it be like the picture ? Would it be comfortable on the skin ? Well ... It is actually exactly like it ! Shiny brass, precisely decorated with this beautiful tree pattern. The leather is shaped to fit the arm and wrist asymmetrical shape so it feels comfortable. It’s a really hard leather so I had to wear it a couple time to make it really perfectly comfy and now it feels like a second skin, ready to protect my arms from swords and daggers !

13 of May 2020

I couldn't be happier with this bracer. I ordered it custom sized in the black leather with brass. I'm very small and it fits perfect. The leather lining is great, very soft as the description says, and the stitching for the lining just adds more detail and depth to the piece.

12 of May 2020

I got one of these in 2016. It's an over all sturdy well constructed piece, but the laces really aren't made to withstand the abrasion of un-backed eyelets. I had to change them fairly quickly because the torn metal edges of the eyelets turned them fraying and ragged in no time at all.

06 of June 2016

Hello, we are delighted. Our forearm brace arrived much quicker than expected, it went through custom service. Really great! My partner got this brace for our anniversary and he was really thrilled when we unpacked it yesterday. The material is great, firm leather with this super nice etching. Fits perfectly, the leather still needs to be worn in a bit. All in all worth the price. The customer service is also great, quick and knowledgeable answers. Thank you for the product.

Jorge Fuentes Cepeda
16 of February 2016

Beautiful item and very happy with the purchase, I will surely buy you something again.

Andrea Seiberl
18 of June 2014

Dear Armstreet Team I ordered the bracer for my really small arm. It fits perfectly and is very comfortable. Congratulations for the great design and the fabulous manufacturing. This is a really precious piece. Thanks you very much, I love it!

ArmStreet team

Thank you so much for the great feedback! Always welcome to ArmStreet!

Molly Sandoval
20 of January 2001


ArmStreet team

Thank you, Molly!

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Michael Hurley
05 of October 2019

Hi can I get both a left and right arm please, and would they both be on sale?

ArmStreet Team

Yes, please select custom size option for the bracers, select 2 pieces and leave a comment to your order that they are for both arms. 

17 of February 2019

Hello-- Can these bracers be used for recreational and routine archery(are they durable enough)? Cheers

ArmStreet Team

Hi Julia, yes they are durable enough for recreational and routine archery. 

Paulie the Brave
06 of September 2018

are they made to be really durable ? like if o use it camping alot you think it will have any problems if you used it like real gear for a long time ?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Paulie! These bracers are made of 4 mm thick leather with steel plate. They are very durable. 

22 of February 2018

Will you be making any more of this item in Medium size? Thanks

Armstreet Team

You can make a preorder and purchase the bracer in size M.
Manufacturing will take 16-21 days approximately.


06 of February 2018

Is it possible to have the finger sling from your functional archery bracer attached to this bracer?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Louis, it is not possible, sorry.

23 of September 2017

Which leather is used in the image?

Armstreet Team

Hi Geno!
The bracer on the photos is Black with Brass accents.

Ethan Rath
20 of July 2017

Is it possible to get these bracers with straps instead of laces?

Armstreet Team

It`s doable, such modification will cost $30.00.
If that works for you, you are welcome to place the order through the
website and I`ll contact you about the extra payment later.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Elizabeth Rickards
02 of May 2017

hi, are these bracers handmade? If so how was the outline pattern for these bracers?

Armstreet Team

Hello Elizabeth!

The bracers are handmade like everything on the website. :) As for the
pattern, it was developed by our armourers based on the other leather
bracers. Please let me know if you need more detail and I`ll consult
with the armourer.

TRUTH Ogunlade
21 of March 2017

Hi, lovely design i must say. i like to place order for 2 bracers (both hands) But first, do you ship to Nigeria as well? how long will it take?

ArmStreet team

Thank you! We do ship worldwide, so to Nigeria as well. Shipping normally takes 16-21 days, but it can take a bit longer to your country, about 4 weeks.

16 of August 2016

First off I would like to say your products look amazing! I can't wait until my order arrives :) I was wondering if you made archery gloves. Seeing as you have the bracers and the quiver. I'd love to have a full matching set.

ArmStreet team

Thank you for your kind words! Please check our Archery Shooting Bracer with Finger Rings.

27 of February 2016

Hello just wanted to know what the two Accents are Thanks for your time.

ArmStreet team

This refers to the color of the metal etched plate and color of the eyelets for the lacing. They can be made of brass (golden color) or stainless steel (silver color).

Gerardo Ramirez
29 of December 2015

Can I ask how much will it cost with taxes? I know it will be $95 with the shipping but how much will cost with taxes? That way I know how much money I should use.

Armstreet Team

Hello Gerardo!
We don't have such information, as the customs fees vary depending on
the country. Please contact your local Customs office for estimated
fees before ordering.
To avoid additional expenses for taxes, we can declare the package for
less amount or send it as a "gift"/"sample", simply add a comment to
your order. Normally, they should not charge for presents or samples.

16 of September 2015

This design needs to be used in a standard, non archer,bracer with either buckles or laces down. Can you craft something like that? I'd by 2 instantly

ArmStreet team

These bracers can be used not only by archers, you can buy two bracers at once - for the right and left hand. Please specify what kind upgrades you'd like to get? Perhaps they are possible.

Rebecca Lloyd
06 of February 2015

Hi! I ordered on of these at the start of January - just to clarify, its the manufacturing time PLUS the shipping time (aka between 1 1/2 and 2 months) until you should expect it?

ArmStreet team

Processing time = manufacturing time + shipping time (manufacturing and shipping terms are listed at the top of the description of each item).

05 of February 2015

Would it be possible to get custom leather colors on this item? It's gorgeous either way, but I'd definitely pay for custom colors if that were possible.

ArmStreet team

Sorry, brown and black leather are the only options for the bracers.

08 of December 2014

are the bracers sold each or the pair?

ArmStreet team

This listing is for one bracer, not a pair.

05 of February 2014

Do you do measurements in inches or centimeters?

ArmStreet team

It's up to you, simply choose preferred system just above the fields for the measurements.

Jenny Lang
31 of January 2014

I will be placing an order for two of these, one left and one right. The measurements for the both sides are the same. I would like both bracers to be black leather with stainless accents.

ArmStreet team

Get it, you're welcome to order!

11 of December 2013

This is the price for one bracer and not for a set, correct?

ArmStreet team

Yep, this listing is for the one bracer.

07 of December 2013

very beautiful like what they wear in the Lord Of The Rings!

Sherman Miles
20 of January 2001

If I had something gorgeous like that to wear, I'd get back into fighting...

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