Knight of the West

A collection of practical, noble clothing and accessories with just a hint of whimsical fantasy.

Have you heard of the Knight of West? He’s a mysterious man, and no one really knows exactly where he came from. Is the heir of an ancient house? Or the son of a king? Or maybe he’s a warrior of legend who has come to save us all. No one really knows for certain, but what we do know is that his garb is chivalrous and embellished in a way that is still simple and humble, though still states his wealth and importance.

Our “Knight of the West” collection is made from quality materials, and combines flax linen, leather, brass, wool and satin to produce a wonderful set of items that are great for a variety of characters and will keep you comfortable in lots of different weather. It includes our bestselling flax linen tunic, which is breathable and soft, and has been embellished with an absolutely stunning panel of brocade and complementing trim around all of the borders. We wanted something that was understated but still fit for an Elven prince. This collection has also been inspired heavily by archery, and functional items that assist in the practice of it.

Practical accessories include a belt, sword frog and bag. Each of these items has been carefully designed to have matching etching and other accents so that you have a cohesive, thoughtful look. A quiver and archer’s bracer have also been designed with the matching tree pattern, so that even in combat you can still keep the same standard. When it comes to clothing, this collection includes a tunic which is great for warmer weather, and a woollen cape lined with satin that will warm you through the chilly months. Overall, this collection basically includes everything you need to be the Elven prince or heroic knight you’ve always dreamed of!

How to make an elven cloak

Making a cloak isn’t easy - it includes a lot of fabric, sewing skills, and a lot of time! The first thing that you have to think about is materials. As with any elvin costume, it is easy to lean too far into the realm of fantasy and make something that doesn’t quite hit the mark. We always recommend starting out with a base layer of a natural textile, and moving on from there. Wool is the perfect material for a cloak, as it repels water and keeps you warm at the same time.

We have the perfect elven cloak for sale

Why risk not making it perfect? We offer one of the best cloaks on the market, which has been masterfully crafted by our team of seamstresses with premium materials, no expense spared. We have even lined the inside of this fantasy cloak with satin - a practice that would be incredibly difficult to do on your own! So, why not leave it to the professionals and get the best cloak that money can buy?

Finish the look with an elven cloak clasp

Don't forget about holding your cloak together! It's easy enough to just throw it over your shoulders, but it's even better to secure it in a way that is decorative and will add to your costume. Our cloak clasp is made from strong materials that will be able to handle the weight of the woollen cloak.

knight-of-the-west-1.jpgknight-of-the-west-2.jpg knight-of-the-west-3.jpg

Discover how to wear a quiver

We’ve all been there - it’s your first night of archery and you have no idea how to wear a quiver. The answer to this isn’t actually as straight forward as you’d hope - there are a ton of different ways to wear a quiver, and it all comes down to personal preference. It can be worn on your back with a strap across your chest, it can hang from your belt… you could even make it a little cart with wheels and carry it behind you. It all depends on what you like the feel of, so we encourage you to experiment and find the best way for you.

Protect yourself with elven bracers

So, speaking of your first night of archery… did you end up with that horrible bruise? You know, the one on the inside of your arm from the slap of the bow string. Not everyone gets this long-term, but most newbie archers are bound to run into this painful issue. This is why we have designed a bracer to protect your inner arm from the bowstring, with the added bonus of looking amazing with an etched panel on the outside.

Make sure your costume is complete

It’s all in the details! You should make a checklist of everything you want on your costume and work through it to make sure you’re happy with the end result. Here are a few things you should make sure you don’t forget:

  • Something to hold your cloak on
  • Tall boots
  • An elven quiver
  • A small elven bag

The bag is especially important! You don’t want to be carrying everything around all the time, so having a bag ensures you have somewhere to hide your phone and other modern things.

Do you know where to buy elven costumes?

If you’ve made it this far, you probably know where to buy them now! The answer is, of course, here at ArmStreet. We have everything you need to put your costumes together, both in our Knight of the West set and in other categories. So make sure you have a browse and consider all of your options - there’s no harm in mixing and matching items and getting creative.

The perfect look for a fantasy wedding

If you’re looking for a great costume to wear to a medieval wedding, look no further. The tunic in this collection is actually the ideal male medieval wedding garment, offering you comfortable fabric as well as a bit of fancy embellishment. You also have access to all of the perfect accessories.

Worldwide Delivery, even New Zealand!

Having trouble finding something local? Luckily for you, your new ArmStreet clothing and accessories can be sitting on your door step in as little as week. If something is fixed size and in stock, we offer an express shipping option that will get your stuff to you ASAP! We ship to all corners of the world, from Alaska to New Zealand and everywhere in between.