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Bodice “The Alchemist's Daughter”

Leather suede bodice with front lacing

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Bodice color

Bodice size chart

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Size chart for the “The Alchemist's Daughter” bodice
Bodice features

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22 of October 2020

Absolutely beautiful fitted

09 of October 2020
Thankyou so much for another yet beautiful fitted alchemist daughter bodice I waited so long to order another it ages beautiful with time and as seen in photos I

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18 of February 2020

I may decide to order my alchemist daughter dress in midnight blue if so what color corset would match I do love my green and brown here

ArmStreet Team

Hello, both green and brown colors will perfectly match midnight blue linen color. 

Beth Wade
25 of March 2017

I'm looking at either The Alchemist's Daughter suede bodice or The Archeress suede bodice. They look very similar, to me- the only difference I can see (and this may just be the model's body shape) is that the Archeress looks slightly longer and more v-shaped at the bottom, whereas the Alchemist's Daughter looks shorter-waisted and more horizontal/straight-across at the bottom. Is that the difference between them? Are there other differences I'm not picking up on? Thanks!

ArmStreet team

Yes, you are absolutely right, this is the only difference between two bodices.

11 of March 2017

Would you ever consider making this in white?

ArmStreet team

The bodice cannot be made in white, sorry, as we don`t have appropriate white suede.

30 of August 2016

are the chest measurements for this bodice actual chest measurements, or underbreast measurements?

ArmStreet team

For this bodice please provide you actual chest measurement, to determine the right size please check our Bodice size chart. To be more sure you can also add your underbust measurement in the comment to your order and we`ll consider it while manufacturing.

Anne Rivera
15 of December 2014

When I saw this it literally took my breath away. So gloriously beautiful.

ArmStreet team

Wow, thank you!

Vera Renella
13 of December 2014

Oh , is this Bodice only excisting in size S now? All I c is available./ I love your creations.Im a singer and will order from you.x

ArmStreet team

Here is the same bodice in brown color available in S, M, XL sizes.
Also the bodice can always be made to order. You're welcome!

06 of September 2014

What is the difference between the alchemist's daughter corset and the archeress corset?

ArmStreet team

The only difference in color, it's the same model.

Kathrine Johnsen
02 of April 2014

Hei, Is it pasible to make a bodice withaut Decorative rolled edge along bottom? I love the ones along arm-slits, but the one at det bottom will make mine allredy not eksisting waist-line to eksplode i wronge direction. I would love to order a bodice like that in blue suede to go with my dress (midnight blue and orange) if i could get it withaut the rolled edge at the waist. Parhaps it could go slitly farther down, and end on the hips? Whith regards K

ArmStreet team

Can be made w/o rolled edges, just plain bottom part.
The length of the corset cannot be changed, it's always the same due to the length of the plastic bones, it's not linked to the size.

Heidi Larson
20 of January 2001

Wonderful picture and really beautiful bodice!

ArmStreet team

Thanks, Heidi!

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