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“German Rose” Full Dress Set

Chemise with linen dress and overdress

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07 of March 2021

I can't express my happiness enough with this gorgeous outfit! And the team at Armstreet was incredibly kind and accommodating of all my questions, adjustments, and requests, which was above and beyond what they had to do to deliver a quality experience. They truly cared and made sure I got exactly what I wanted! I am in love with this dress, and will definitely do business with you wonderful folks again. Thank you for delivering so much more than a dress. You gave me a year's worth of fulfilled dreams!

18 of February 2021

Hello! I have a question. Is it possible to get the plastic boning replaced by metal ones if an extra cost is made? Plastic boning sadly doesn't stand up to a lot of wear in my experience.

ArmStreet Team

Hello Jeanne, unfortunately, it is not possible. We use only plastic boning, sorry. 

14 of November 2020

Hi, which color is the model in blue costume wearing for the chemise and counterpoints? Is it natural or white?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Vanisa, it is natural linen color. 

23 of August 2020

The moment I opened the package, I fell in love with this dress! Every bit of it fits like a glove with not even a quarter inch to spare in any fashion. This is absolutely the best dress I have ever owned! I love the quality of the fabric and the beautiful colors. My dress is blue flax with the midnight overdress and it is gorgeous. I have discovered with this dress set, exactly how many ways I can wear this! With so many pieces to choose from, I can mix this dress up for any occasion. Thank you so much Armstreet for your attention to detail in even the smallest of things!

16 of May 2020

I finally broke down and bought this dress I’d been looking at for a couple years... Got it in Red Burgundy with a Yellow Flax overgown, and golly, is this ever a lovely dress!! It’s a striking silhouette, especially with the overgown cut shorter in the front to see the skirt underneath for extra interest and color. The detachable sleeves add so much versatility to the style. And the undergown can look lovely on its own, especially with the very flattering boning in the bodice. Absolutely a great buy, especially with Armstreet’s quality and thoughtful construction behind it. Love this addition to my historical clothing closet!

Ida Vilhelmiina
12 of May 2020

Ordered German Rose dress with blue dress and midnight overdress, made to measure, fitted like a glove and as always I was blown away by the quality. The colours are so bright and vivid, design beautiful and execution flawless. Definitely happy with my purchase.

ArmStreet team

Good to hear! Thank you for your feedback :-)

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11 of September 2021

Hi! I have a question about the length of the sleeves on the corset dress, how long are they? I have somewhat short arms and am worried that the sleeves will be awkwardly long, is there a way to get the arms shortened?

ArmStreet Team

This costume is made in custom size according to your personal measurements and the sleeves will be shortened accordingly