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Viking Short Bracers

Leather viking bracers with etched brass

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22 of August 2023

Wonderful quality, these are obviously crafted with care and are solid. Quality leather and the brass accents look great. If anything about these could be improved at all, I'd say maybe the buckles for the straps seem a little lightweight by comparison, but they still look good and are tucked out of the way anyway. I was a little unsure what to expect in terms of the length: the bracer is 6", but the binding at either end adds about another half inch, so these will go about 6.5" up from the wrist.

Peter Hargis
11 of May 2023

Awesome piece, just as pictured. Despite providing my size, it came a bit too small. I plan to add additional hole to the straps to make it fit.

29 of March 2023

The bracers are beautifully crafted. They are real eye-catcher. My girlfriend was delighted with them and loves them very much. Thank you for a great job!

23 of May 2020

Got my short bracers in, the fit is phenomenal. The craftsmanship is extraordinary and spot on, the saying you get what you pay for is not the case here if that was the case they should cost more thank you armstreet

Emile Pandolfi
16 of April 2018

Your work is gorgeous! Please tell me the length (in inches) of the Viking short bracer.

ArmStreet Team

Hi, Emile! The bracer is about 12-15 cm long. 

18 of March 2018

More than just quality, hand-made bracers, these are pieces of art. I couldn't be more happy with my purchase and fully intend to do more business with Armstreet in the near future.

11 of February 2018

Very good!

Theodore Terry
27 of January 2018

Incredible craftsmanship. Attention to detail.. Perfect measurements. Armstreet never disappoints.

18 of October 2017

WOW, awesome.The leather is nice and thick the brass plates are riveted on which means if one comes off I can replace it easily, the seller was prompt with an answer to my questions and the postage time was reasonable, I would buy from this seller again.

If this is a general question we may post it on the page to help other customers, otherwise we will just answer you by email

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Edwin Hofstra
27 of February 2019

I intend to buy the Viking short bracers with etched brass accents, but I have a doubt. I'm tempted to buy them from stock to have them in time for the next event, but my sizes put me just at the top end of medium. Now I know that in terms of sizing, this is a simple piece and it has a fixed length, but standing over six and one third feet, and used to ordering XL and finding them short, I'm a little wary of mediums. Would it make a noticeable difference to have them custom made?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Edwin, the length of these particular bracers is the same for the fixed size and custom size bracers.

Lucie B.
01 of January 2017

Hi! Can the bracers be made with plain brass, with no other decoration than the shield boss ?

ArmStreet team

Yes, sure, that is possible, just mention it in the comments to your order. :)

29 of May 2016

Hi Team! These bracers look great, would it be possible to change the Viking water dragon design to a Celtic wolf instead?

ArmStreet team

Can be made with the wolves as shown here on the bag. Such upgrade will cost about $180 extra for two bracers.

06 of April 2016

Is it possible to get these bracers made with a different etching? I recently bought your viking shield boss with the snakes, and was wondering would it be possible to have snakes done on these bracers? thanks!

ArmStreet Team

Hi Elizabeth! Custom etching should be possible for extra cost. Please contact our support team for the details. 

28 of September 2015

Y'all need to have matching greaves. Then I would probably cave in to buying them. With the bracers. And belt. And gorget. That would rock so hard, people would hear Viking metal accompanying me like a soundtrack whenever I enter a room.

ArmStreet team

Technically this is possible, we can create matching greaves upon request, but we'll need about a month for the design, production and photography.The price will be around $350.

Matching belt and gorget are available in the store, welcome!

05 of April 2015

I'm interested in the viking short bracers and was wondering if the price is for a pair of them or if it's just for one.

ArmStreet team

This listing is for a pair of bracers: left and right.

Anders Hesselbäck
19 of February 2015

Hello! I ordered two Vikinga Tunics and now I consider buying the Vikning-bracers. But for me it is important that the leather comes from animals that have been treated well! Can you tell me about the leather?

ArmStreet team

The bracers are made of dyed full-grain cattle leather, which is thick and dense.

Tor Edenholm
23 of January 2015

Hello! Could you custom make these? I mean are there only one size or can you make them as long/short as I want? Best Regards! //Tor Edenholm

ArmStreet team

The length of the bracers is standard. We can lengthen them, just specify the length in the order comments. Please note that the length of the metal accents is not changeable.

Tor Edenholm
20 of January 2015

Okey, I understand.
How long is it? From top to bottom.

ArmStreet team

15 cm (about 6 inches).

Sylvain S. Daly
21 of November 2014

Are the Viking Leather Bracers with Brass sold as a pair set for $149?

ArmStreet team

Yes, this listing is for a pair of bracers: left and right.

Sylvain Daly
10 of November 2014

Regarding the Viking leather bracers with brass, do you have matching Gorgets?

ArmStreet team

Yes, we have matching Viking's gorget.

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