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Bowman Bracer “Archeress”

Leather and brass handmade archer bracer

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15 of June 2023

Beautifully made piece , i had big order so it was a bit messed up and i've got two of this bracers inexplicably. Consider asking for smaller measurements than you actually have as it's quite bulky and you can adjust it with tight lacing anyway.

24 of May 2023

It's an amazing design! For actual archery purposes the extra tab of leather on the inside however can be an issure at times! Looking back i would have loved a third option of brown leather with the design in silver! Nonetheless a beautiful product!

Kris W. Hamilton
15 of January 2023

I love these. So much so I got one for each forearm! They are high quality and rainforest. I would recommend this to anybody, even if they’re serious or not about archery.



Jess La Bella
09 of January 2023

This is such an amazing piece. It is better than the pictures and exactly what I needed. I could not be happier. I’m so in love with this. Keep up the good fight!! All of your work is amazing!!

B Dziedzic
08 of January 2023

This is a gift for my granddaughter’s birthday in late January. The bracer is beautiful and I’m sure she’ll be thrilled.

07 of April 2022

This bracer is so beautiful and well made. It's a remarkable item and I can't wait to wear it.

14 of May 2020

I love this bracer. The workmanship is beautiful. I love the way it fits. Being able to tie it on both sides is a plus for the fit.

12 of May 2020

I was gifted this to go along with the Archeress ensemble I had purchased for myself and it is absolutely beautiful! My only issue is that for an adult, I have small arms and wrists so it fits a bit loosely -- but that just means somewhere to tuck my spare cash and the paper map for our local festivals! It is very well-made and certainly brings the outfit together. Next step is a quiver.

Elyta Agustin
20 of December 2019

What a beautiful craftmanship arm bracher.Well made with beautiful brass ornament .I love it. I ordered my arm bracher in size M, but was too big for my left arm. I'm planning to return and exchange the bracher with S size Asap. What a bummer. I love everything from Armstreet. Elyta - Los Angeles.

Steven Quach
23 of February 2016

The bracer is beautiful. It feels great and the size fits perfectly. My only complaint was that mine arrived a few weeks late. The package was lost and did not deliver. Alyona offered to make me another one. I really appricated it. The Bracer deserves more then 5 stars!

22 of September 2014

hello thankyou so much for this amazing arm brace love it goes well with the archeress dress series set, i have the whole set great match

ArmStreet team

Thanks for your feedback!

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13 of January 2019

Is this a pair or single?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Christy! It is a price for 1 bracer only.

10 of October 2017

May I know how thick the leather and how thick the brass is?


The leather is 3-4mm thick and the brass is 1.5 mm thick.

13 of June 2017

Hi What is the brace she is wearing on her right arm? 

ArmStreet Team

Hi Adriana! This bracelet is shown on the right arm of the model. 

28 of April 2017

What are the measurements for the in-stock bracer? Thanks!

ArmStreet team

The bracer is not available in stock, it can be ordered in custom size only.

16 of January 2017

Is it possible to get these without the etched plate (only made out of leather)? Thanks!

ArmStreet team

Yes, this is possible, you will save $20.00. Simply email us at

04 of December 2016

would the Bowman Bracer be suitable to use while shooting a bow

ArmStreet team

Yes, the bracer is actually meant to protect your arm while shooting a bow.

15 of August 2016

Hi I was just wondering what colour leather the model is wearing in the images?

ArmStreet team

The model is wearing the bracer in made of Brown leather and Brass.

27 of June 2016

Hi! I would like to know if it's possible to order the bracer without the design in the brass plate. Would it be the same price if so?? Thanks!

ArmStreet team

Yes, you'll save about 10% of the initial price. Please email us at to get the promo code for the discount.

adelita studer
20 of June 2016

can you actually use this 4 archery?

ArmStreet Team

Yes, of course.

06 of March 2016

Manufacturing time shows 23-28 days. Does it really take that long, or is it possible that it can be gotten in less time? Thanks

ArmStreet Team

Hi, any custom order can be rushed for 10% extra.

02 of May 2015

Is it possible to get the brass plate but stainless steel accents for the lacing loops?

ArmStreet team

Yes, such combination is possible, simply add a comment to your order.

14 of September 2014

Can you tell me how thick the leather is and how thick the brass is please?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Sue! The leather is 3-4 mm thick and the brass is 1 mm thick. 

11 of July 2014
Is it possible to order this as a right arm bracer as well? I'm looking to have one for both arms.

ArmStreet team

Yes, simply add us a note in the comments to your order.

Lydia White
20 of June 2014

I'm interested in purchasing your etched armor archery bracer! I am a fairly petite female, and I can't determine if the Archeress bracer is designed more of a lady's proportions compared to the alternate design (with the tree.) I think I prefer the tree design, but I am afraid that would be far too large for me. Do you have more details on the sizing of your bracers? Also, are these bracers suitable for actual archery use? Thank you! Lydia

ArmStreet Team

Hi Lydia, the bracer will be made in custom size according to your personal measurements and will fit right. Yes, it can be used for archery.

03 of May 2014

Is this bracer functional for archery? 

ArmStreet Team

Yes, it is. 

25 of October 2012
Beautifully made, and even prettier in person. I'm so glad I ordered this. Mine fits perfectly, and with the rest of the series, is a beautiful character piece. Great job, guys.
ArmStreet team

Thank you for feedback.  Always welcome to  ArmStreet.

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