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Medium Viking Shield

Leather-covered plywood shield, 27″

Standard shipping: $125.00
Standard shipping time:23-28 Days
Express shipping: $150.00 to
Express shipping time: 10-14 Days
Manufacturing time: 18-24 Days
Please email our manager beforehand if you have a strict deadline for your order

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18 of September 2021

The shield was a gift to a friend of mine. He said he was amazed by the quality and the durability of the same shield Armstreet made a crush test with. Armstreet always goes above and beyond on their products. Might buy one for myself as well now.

10 of August 2021

Definitely a work of art and can take abuse. A bit on the heavy side, don't expect to swing it too hard or the momentum will carry you along with it. I added a forearm strap to give a better grip and control and to spread the weight just a bit. The leather does get marred fairly easy but hey it is getting used not just a wall hanger. Overall a good solid piece.

02 of November 2019

The shield definitely enhances the look and feel of a Viking. The quality and craftsmanship of the piece are a work of art. Armstreet offers incredible merchandise that depict characters with authenticity. I am always thrilled with the beautiful items I have purchased from them. I highly recommend shopping at Armstreet.

Michael Middel
30 of July 2016

I ordered this shield on 7/15 and requested the Norse wolf shield boss. I fully expected to not receive it for at least 5 weeks (manufacturing and shipping time). However, Armstreet has amazed me once again in that it arrived on 7/28. Not even 2 weeks after ordering! The quality and craftsmanship is simply amazing and beyond compare. I could not be happier. Everything I have purchased thus far has exceeded my expectations. Well done!

ArmStreet team

We are happy to hear that the shield arrived safely. Thank you for the great feedback! We are happy to do our best for you!

If this is a general question we may post it on the page to help other customers, otherwise we will just answer you by email

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Peter J. Rider
23 of October 2019

The shield arrived in time for the Autumn Harvest Renaissance Festival. Many people admired the shield and I told them all to go online and look up Armstreet. Thank you!

Cody Cant
22 of May 2019

Hello, would you still sell just the fittings? I see that you said you would sell them for $80.00 + $20.00 shipping. I would love to add them to a shield that I currently have. Please let me know.

ArmStreet Team

Dear Cody, kindly contact our support team with your shield measurements and picture so we could assist you further. 

Thomas Barron
18 of March 2017

Do you sell just the brass fittings for the medium and large shield separately? If you do how much are the fittings?

ArmStreet team

Usually, we don`t sell the brass parts separately, but you can purchase them for $80.00 + $20.00 shipping. And you can find the bosses here - https://armstreet.com/store/shields/.

Tor Hening Nilsen
03 of March 2017

Hello. Is it possible to order the "Medium Viking Shield with Leather Exterior" with the "dragon shield boss"? And is it possible to get a picture or two of the shield with black leather? Thank you in advance- Regards Tor Henning Nilsen

ArmStreet team

The shield can be made with the dragon shield boss, just mention it in the comments to your order. Sorry, unfortunately there is no pictures of the shield with black leather.

08 of December 2016

Can this shield be made with the wolves boss and without the brass trim at the edge of the shield? Thanks!

ArmStreet team

The shield can be made with the wolves boss, and with no brass edging, just mention these changes in the comments to your order.

05 of September 2016

Is it possible to get this shield without the leather exterior, just a dark wood finish perhaps?

ArmStreet team

The shield cannot be made without the leather exterior due to technical reasons, sorry.

01 of March 2016

Hello, When ordering the shield, can we specify which boss we would like on it (wolf, dragon or serpent) or does it come standard with the one pictured?


Hi Michael! Sure, you are welcome to specify which boss you would like to have. However, the brass braid on the edge of the shield won't change

Karl Edwards
27 of August 2015

Hi Again, Please send me a Paypal invoice (to this address) for the $94 and $16 postage as I would like to purchase this boss at this price.

ArmStreet team

The invoice for the boss will be sent to your email ASAP, you should receive it within the day.

Einar Firebeard
17 of July 2015

Hello, Do you sell the boss from this shield as a separate item, and if so at what price please? Cheers Einar Firebeard

ArmStreet team

The boss is available separately for $94 + $16 (shipping) upon request. Please note, manufacturing takes about 14-16 days. If this works for you, we can send an invoice for the order directly to your PayPal email.

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