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Viking War Belt

Functional embossed leather combat belt

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Manufacturing time: 18-24 Days
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Hans-Bodo Kraemer
03 of January 2022

Dear dwarves and elves, thank you for the excellent quality. It sits, fits, wiggles and has air. Excellent workmanship. It feels authentic. Hans-Bodo

07 of February 2021

just received mine! absolutely love it! The buckles and pins are somewhat thin, but everything beyond that is terrific!

Phoenix Aurelius
28 of February 2019

Exceptional quality belt. I use it both for bushcrafting and daily activities. Totally love how it evenly distributes the weight of the items I carry on it. I have a Sporran/Large Pouch, a Lansky Puck, a Custom Forged Tanto Bushcraft Knife, a Firestarting Tin with flint/steel and all the necessities. and a wild-harvesting fold-up bag. When I'm out in the field, I add on my axe and I'm set to go. Absolutely great setup and I'm REALLY impressed with the craftsmanship. Worth every penny.

08 of May 2017

Fits great! I love it.

Lopthaena 'Loki' Kolgrimrsdottir
29 of November 2016

Great quality and insanely comfortable. Thanks! Will be doing more shopping with Armstreet in the future for SURE!

10 of August 2016

Very nice belt. Fits perfekt and looks great!

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05 of January 2018

Although this belt is custom sized - is there a measurement of how adjustable it can be. So it could be worn with thicker or thinner jackets. It don't see any adjustment wholes in the photos. I am unsure about how to measure my waist for this otherwise. For example I have a 37 waist and a belt that size fits good with a thin tunic. But I need a belt about 40 if I am wearing a thick Gambeson or chainmail.


Hi Ronin! Please simply leave a request to your order that belt should fit the waist circumference of 37 - 42 inches. 

11 of November 2017

So this belt is a base with 2 belts? How wide is the base and are the belts independant?


Yes, basically it is the base with two independent belts. The base is
15cm wide.

14 of February 2017

Can it be in other colors?

ArmStreet team

At the moment the belt can be made in Brown or Light Brown only.

20 of January 2016

Just curious, does the belt come with the knife displayed in the picture? If not, is there a separate knife for purchase?

ArmStreet team

The knife is not included, this listing is for the belt only. The knife is not available, but you can check our new decorative dagger.

09 of November 2015

Are you able to order this without the two belts? If so, would there be a price difference?

ArmStreet team

Technically this is doable, we can make it for $229, but the belt without these details will look incomplete, not so fancy as on the pictures. If this works for you, we can send an invoice for the order directly to your PayPal email.

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