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Large Viking Battle Axe

Etched stainless decorative axe head

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    Linda Griffiths
    26 of November 2019

    Excellent service. Fast contact and shipping. Great product.

    18 of November 2018

    So if it's hollow, how thick is the metal used to construct it? Like how thick was the sheet metal used in inches/mm?

    ArmStreet Team

    The steel is 1.5 mm thick. 

    Anne Jastrzembowski
    05 of February 2017

    I was wondering if you could add a handle to the large Viking axe head. Plese let me know. Thanks Anne

    ArmStreet team

    We don`t sell handles, sorry. You can actually find a handle in any carpenter's store. A regular hammer`s handle should work.

    Kyle Robinson
    19 of June 2016

    Are the axe heads solid or hollow?

    ArmStreet team

    The axe head is hollow inside, it's an appearance piece only, not functional.

    hakonar grimmson
    21 of April 2016

    Are spear head sharp?

    ArmStreet team

    The spear heads are not sharpened.

    Larry Ayers
    05 of January 2016

    The craftsmanship is amazing! I'm a huge fan and have been promoting your work on social media to all my friends that appreciate quality weaponry. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

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