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“Wayward Knight” Dagger and Sheath

Stainless dagger with leather sheath

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This item is part of the “Timeless Middle Ages” collection View collection

This item is part of the “Wayward Knight ” collection View collection

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24 of October 2021

The dagger seemed to feel good quality and I have two complaints, one is obvious from the picture. The handle felt to heavy for the blade and I think one thing that had to do with that is it being to big and also the blade was empty. I was messing around with it throwing it into the dirty and the dirty was pretty soft because it rained and I noticed it got a bend so I tried bending it back then it broke, I realized that he dagger had its blade welded onto the hilt and I probably won’t buy anymore swords or weapons from here again unless you make them properly and give them a real thang. I am mostly disappointed because it felt good and how much it was but it broke really fast. I hope this will help you make better weapons. -Elijah

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