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“Sport” HEMA fencing gloves

Padded leather gloves with short cuff

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30 of May 2024
Won my first medal (rapier) in these gloves. Red goes faster! Now they are my good-luck piece
Dan P
25 of April 2024

Incredibly, immensely, insanely unprotective. These are great gloves if you do not plan to get hit in the hands ever. Biggest issue is the thin, costume-grade yellow leather around the wrist - one of the most fragile parts of the hand, completely unprotected. Might be fine for no-contact fencing. Iffy even for SCA thrust-only rapier. Wildly unacceptable for SCA cut-and-thrust rapier. Completely unsuitable for any other weapon, although may be acceptable for HEMA smallsword if you can get past the ventilation holes in the wrist cover.

ArmStreet Team

These gloves have been used for years by many HEMA fencers in the Eastern European HEMA environment which is on average much more competitive and intense than SCA cut&thrust. The thing is that you're supposed to have a gambeson under them, and the edge of the sleeve of the gambeson is supposed to be under this thin yellow thing. This way you have reasonable mobility and good protection. We wouldn't recommend using these gloves w/o gambeson and we generally think that the gambeson is an essential part of your fencing kit

Emily C
04 of March 2023

Loving the dexterity provided for hemma fencing

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