Modern Swordsmanship

and ArmStreet's input into the world of HEMA and WMA with leather, steel, and plastic.

HEMA gear, gambesons, HEMA plastic protection gear. On a personal level as well as a company, ArmStreet always was a part of the WMA, HEMA, SCA, and armored combat communities. And the present time brought a shift to more modern versions of swordplay. As always, we wanted to unite practical aspects with visually attractive design solutions, and we did a good job discovering new horizons in terms of material and technology, bringing both our traditional armor-building experience and modern materials and technologies to the table. We also tried to bring something new, so we tested, discussed and improved our products in close collaboration with fencers from different parts of the world and keep doing this.

We also keep in mind that the world of modern swordsmanship is far larger than each particular style and discipline, and keep the interests of our audience in mind in terms of universality and multi-functionality, so most of our products can be used in more than one context.

This collection is dedicated to our love of Historical European Martial Arts. It will include all the possible gear one day, from Renaissance swords to the tiniest piece of protection, and here is where we start:

  • swordsmanship-oriented boots;
  • sword and gear bags;
  • fencing gloves and gountlets
  • protective fencing jackets and pants;
  • plastic protective gear, starting with elbow and knee cops, pauldrons, arms and shin guards
  • mask overlays

This part of the Western Martial Arts realm was underrepresented on our website and in our minds, but we will make it up to you. Designing new products, climbing the ladder of competitive martial arts sports and helping our brothers and sisters at swords to stay well-protected, beautifully geared and looking badass.

Gear, gloves, jackets and more

“Dragon” boots

Swordsmanship boots are a totally unusual product we created to serve our own needs – to be able to use one pair of shoes or boots to travel events, look cool at LARP locations, and fence in the nearest HEMA club. That's how we created the "Dragon" boots series and that's how we are planning to take the hearts, minds, and feet of our fellow fencers.

The only thing we can tell now, no man or woman who tried them remained indifferent.

Swordplay Fencing HEMA WMA LARP shoes SCA WMA HEMA swordplay fencing boots
Fantasy Fencing LARP Swordsman's Boots
Fencing Glove Renaissance HEMA Swordplay

Rapier gloves

Our rapier gloves became a popular gear among rapier and small-sword fencers. Some use them for heavier weapons as their limited contact sparring gear, but they have exactly the right amount of padding for rapier fencers.

We offer three options for the cuff length

and the longest one works perfectly if you fence without a vambrace. Predictably, they also became popular among lightweight spear folks, from HEMA to LARP.

HEMA Glove for fencing swordplay HEMA Fencing glove

“ANT” sword bags

That's the product we felt the market needed, every sport has its own system for gear carrying and we wanted to make the best solution for historical fencers. Whether it is SCA, HEMA or other swordplay things, we have enough space for your swords in our weapon case and most likely for your gear in the backpack.

But the best thing is that it's a modular system.

Born in the fire of the war in Ukraine in collaboration with "Bureviy" – a small crew founded by fellow fencers, who utilized their experience in military gear manufacture to create a good solution for all of us. More to come, and we hope eventually we will satisfy all the needs and find a way to solve the task for all scenarios, from flying overseas to coming to the practice on the bike.

Sword bag SCA WMA swordsman's bag HEMA SCA WMA sword bag
HEMA WMA Swordplay gear backpack
HEMA plastic leg protection HEMA plastic arm shoulder protection gear HEMA plastic shoulders protection WMA SCA

Duel fencing gambesons and plastic gear

That's the most important, most tested, most complex task and we hope we did it right. We've been testing and improving our gambesons and plastic protection for more than a year, mostly in the rough environment of the Eastern European HEMA scene, and the final products are just great.

They look good, they feel good and they work well.

And at the same time, they are different to anything you can find on the market. We took the best from several worlds, making knee and elbow cops as deep as SCA heavy cops and following Polish requirements on side knee coverage to make solid and protective products. Obviously, we played with a look and finishing as well as added some nice design elements like contrasting EVA lining and stretching lacing. Our gambesons provide a great balance between flexibility and protection and would satisfy fencers in most disciplines.