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Fencing Jacket “One Standard” 350N

Mid-level protection HEMA jacket

$279.00 - $294.00
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Manufacturing time: 28-42 Days
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27 of March 2024

I am a big and tall giant, is there any customizable Gambesons? I am a 7XLT in the US. I just need a gambeson, elbows, and a gorget to finish my armor.

ArmStreet Team

Hello, this particular gambeson can be made in fixed size only. Kindly spcify if you like any linen gambeson in our store and I will check with our production team if we can make it in custom size for you. Please also send us your full height, chest and waist circumference. Kindly, ArmStreet Team

16 of June 2023

Design: I'm not the biggest fan of Renaissance jackets, mostly choosing something more Eastern and less noble. Fit: ArmStreet's size M fits me perfectly, the jacket is extremely well made in terms of fit and I practically feel no restrictions even in comparison to my previous lighter jacket. In comparison to the standard long-sword jackets it's a dream. I also like that the lower part of the sleeve is more or less slim-fit so there is no extra fabric under arm-gaurds Features. It has a breezeable 3D mech inside and it also has small holes on the back so the back breazes. It seems they work. It has a micro-velcro on the front which works better than a normal velcro and the "hooks" side doesn't destroy the fabric on the opposite. I like it a lot. I always had a problem with a neck, as it always feels restrictive to have a sandvich of a collar, a gorget and a bib. This collar is fine, I don't know why. It seems it has a different angle to the jacket. Thickness. I'm a competitive fencer so I'm OK about some beating. The jacket is perfect for everything (I do a side-sword, saber and a feder), for the long-sword it depends. It is definitely not a "tank"- grade jacket, I'd say it is on the lighter end of what's OK for a feder. For me it's a perfect balance though. The best HEMA jacket I ever had at the moment, and I have had many

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