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Leather Armor “Shieldmaiden”

Functional lightweight women's armour

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22 of December 2020

Thankyou for the gorgeous tasset skirt beautifully made knowing I now h ave complete Shieldmaiden armor set

03 of October 2018

I absolutely LOVE this set. I thought it was rather pricy but it’s worth it for the craftsmanship that went into every piece! The fit was wonderful which shocked me! I have a large chest and things usually don’t fit! My only complaint is that the leather band of the pauldrons that goes around the bicep was really tight. I don’t have large arms, but I do have muscles. In the end I cut the seem open and added leather ties. It was a super easy fix so I don’t mind much!

Schneiveis Veronique
01 of February 2018

Magnificent viking armor all in celtic drawnings , the leather is very strong, the work is excellent, the size is perfect. this shop is extraordinary !!

If this is a general question we may post it on the page to help other customers, otherwise we will just answer you by email

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12 of September 2019

Hey! I'm trying to go for more of a plain wandering knight look. Is there any way I could have this made without the etchings in the leather? Thanks!!

ArmStreet Team

Hi Kendra, yes of course, we can make it without embossing for you. Please simply leave this request in the comment to your order at the checkout. 

31 of May 2018

Hello! I was wondering if the tassets were available for individual purchase? Thank you!

ArmStreet Team

Hi Emilee! Yes, it is possible, please contact our support team for more details.

Laura remde
19 of April 2018

Do u get the bracers body plates and shoulder plates long plate with this order or what do u actually get with this order

ArmStreet Team

Hi Laura! The set includes corset, tassets and pauldrons.

24 of January 2018

Can this be ordered without the embossed Celtic knot designs? Also, could it be fitted for a man?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Henry! yes, it can be made without the embossed Celtic knot designs, but it cannot be made for a man, unfortunately.

27 of November 2016

How functional is it? I do HEMA longsword. I need something functional and wonderful

ArmStreet team

Yes, basically all leather armor pieces are functional and have been used throughout Early Middle ages as inexpensive type of armor. But as the leather we use isn't hardened (boiled or waxed), metal armor is still preferable for HEMA, you can look through our body armor here -
https://armstreet.com/store/body-armour/. Some of the steel cuirasses can be adjusted for a woman, just let us know which one do you like.

Kira Faulkhead
10 of April 2016

Hello, I was hoping you could clarify the thickness of the armor in millimeters. I understand that the leather is around 8-9 oz thick (3,4-5 mm's). Does this thickness vary based on the different pieces/areas of the set? Would it be possible to create all the pieces of the set at 5mm's in thickness and still retain its functionality? The only reason I am being so pedantic is that I plan to use this in Swordcraft LARP events. The rule book of Swordcraft states armor can only be classed as 'medium' if it is "thick rigid leather plate (at least 5mm thick)". On a side note the leather Shieldmaiden design is absolutely magnificent and your team should be commended for their efforts! :) Regards, Kira.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Kira! Our leather is about 3-4 mm thick and we do not have a thicker one, sorry. The thickness is amost the same on the whole set.

Delaney in CO
05 of February 2016

Medieval armor — Leather Women's Armor “Shieldmaiden” I am wondering if this comes in sizes larger than XL as my chest size is about 2" larger than the XL and waist is about 1" larger Thanks Delaney

ArmStreet Team

Hi Delaney! Yes, we can make the armor larger for you. Please contact our support team for more details.

Stefanie Cunningham
27 of January 2016

I'm still drooling over this armor. :) I would like to have the whole set, but I can't afford it all at once; if I buy the corset first, would it be possible to purchase the pauldrons and tassets separately in the future? Would the leather still match? Also, would you recommend black or brown? Which one would better show the embossed pattern? Thank you for your help, and your beautiful creative pieces!

ArmStreet Team

Hi Stefanie! You may order whole set at once and pay it in parts. This way, the color of the leather parts will match for sure. Brown leather shows the embossing better.

05 of January 2016

Whan is the soonest I can have the Leather Women's Armor “Shieldmaiden” made and shipped to Colorado in the United States. Ideally if I could have it in early February that would be great. Please let me know as soon as is convenient! Thank you!

ArmStreet Team

Hi Aaron! Any order can be rushed upon request for some extra charge. Please contact our support team for more details.

30 of December 2015

I just wanted to say what a good choice you have made with the model for this collection - I could really believe that she can use that spear! Can completely see her being part of a shield wall on the Vikings tv show :)

Gerardo Ramirez
21 of December 2015

I was wandering if these leather pauldrons could be sold separately. If this can not be done then can there be a new leather pauldron set coming soon?

ArmStreet team

The pauldrons separately cost $199 + $28 shipping. If this works for you, we can send an invoice for the order directly to your PayPal email.

17 of December 2015

Hi. This is gorgeous! I am a beginning leatherworker and costuming student. I want to work for you someday! :)

Natasja Rose
14 of December 2015

What is the thickness of the leather? Is it possible to purchase the pattern?

ArmStreet team

The leather is 8-9 oz thick (3,5-4 mm).

We do not share or sell our patterns, even for non-commercial use, sorry.

17 of November 2015

I'm normally the low side of a L, but I'd be wearing it over a gambeson. Should I order a L or a XL?

ArmStreet team

Please provide your chest and waist measurements 1) taken over the gambeson and 2) taken over your usual underwear, so we could assist you with choosing the right size. Thank you!

08 of November 2015

Is it possible to buy the corset and tassets but not the pauldrons?

ArmStreet team

Corset with tassets, but without pauldrons will cost $799.00, shipping is free now. If this works for you, we can send an invoice for the order directly to your PayPal email.

Archer Caitala
21 of September 2015

Hello. I was wondering if I could get the armor without the Viking patterns, and if so how much (if any) would it save or cost?

ArmStreet team

Can be made without embossing, you'll save 10% of initial price. To get the discount, please email us at contact@armstreet.com.

12 of September 2015

How many ounces is the leather?

ArmStreet team

The leather is 8-9 oz thick (3,5-4 mm).

01 of September 2015

This Looks Awesome would like to see something similar in a male version with the shoulders/arms and some thighs and greaves. Maybe perhaps with some mail in parts too would look bad ass.

27 of August 2015

Is this SCA Combat-Legal?

ArmStreet team

Yep, should be legal as a torso armor when worn with a thick padding (according to the official SCA armor requirements, listed in the Marshal's Handbook).

26 of August 2015

hello this absolutely. beautiful. my birthday is coming up in October wish to have oohhh must have I have dreamnt to have complete women's armstreet armor love this

26 of August 2015

very boudica very fabulous very what you'd see in xena warrior princess. i like the under corset might get it too, if only you could wear the full thing all the time as normal wear with a difference. you are up there with my other favourite designers such as vivienne westwood, alexander mcqueen and jean paul gaultier and that's just a small list xemags booyakashaahh

ArmStreet team

We are happy to get such amazing comments! Thank you, Mags!

Simon Eenkooren
26 of August 2015

That spear is an amazing work of craftsmanship

ArmStreet team

Thank you, Simon! Now you can order the Viking Spearhead on the site, welcome!

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