Armor Kit “Prince of the East”

Cuirass, pauldrons, bazubands and legs

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27 of January 2018

Can I wear this armor with regular clothing?I have a robe like the one the king of the east kit guy wear but pretty sure mine is thinner. Is it a little bit ajustable? If I loose or gain weight a bit would it screw up my armor?Thank you!

ArmStreet Team

Hi Gabriel, yes of course, you may wear it without padding if you wish. Yes, armor can be adjusted a little with the help of leather straps. 

02 of July 2017

So I see the chain mail isn't included, this means just the under chain or all the chain connected to the head piece ?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Danielle, only the chainmail is not included. 

12 of October 2016

Hey I was curious how many armor points this would give to amtgard/dagorhir.

ArmStreet team

The one would need about ten arming points for this kit. If you order the gambeson and the padded choses from our shop we`ll make the arming point for you for $30.00 extra only.

Ben Mackie
13 of September 2016

I am probably going to buy this armour sometime this year, I really love the look of it, is there any chainmail that you can recommend? Would you recommend a long sleeve gambeson or a short sleeve, I can't see what he is using in the picture. Thanks!!!

ArmStreet team

We do not produce any chainmail, sorry. As for the gambeson, taking into account that the armour is East style, we'd recommend you one of these gambesons:

  1. Armor Padding Asian Type Long Gambeson (
  2. Asian Type Long Mongol Gambeson (
Roman Feher
16 of August 2016

Do you possibly know where I could purchase chainmail?

ArmStreet team

We can not provide you any info unfortunately, we don`t produce chainmail for sale, sorry.

28 of June 2016

Can you do a custom etching??

ArmStreet team

Custom etching is possible, please send the illustration or the pattern you like to Price depends on the complexity of the ornament and its size. We'll consult with our designer to estimate the price and processing time.

03 of May 2016

I am considering ordering this set. I will wear it over a chaimail/scale mail shirt but I haven't acquired it yet. Can you make adjustments to my measurements to accommodate for this or do I have to acquire the chainmail/ scalemail first?

ArmStreet Team

Dear Steele, we need your measurements taken over the chainmail please. 

03 of March 2016

Which gambeson do you recommend for this armor?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Cora, any short gambeson will work. 

Persian Prince
08 of February 2016

Hi, Any chance you might have information on where (if I could) I could find the sword used in the prince of the east pictures ? Thank you.

ArmStreet Team

Hello, you may find our swords here:

20 of November 2015

I suppose the chainamil is not included?

ArmStreet team

The chainmail is not included, we do not produce chainmail for sale.

Jack Caudle
07 of July 2015

Would I be able to order this without the etching designs? Just blank and un-decorated?

ArmStreet team

You'll save 15% of initial price. To get the discount, please email us at

Ian Wise
09 of June 2015

I am planning on putting in an armor/gambeson order and I was wondering if I could get some extra string for tying up the knight of the west tunics I have. Also, how would you recommend taking care of the prince of the east armor and the knight of the west tunics? Thank you

ArmStreet team

Do you mean the trim or the string for the arming points? Please email us at after purchasing.

The tunic is machine washable, use 40°C (104°F) water for wash in gentle mode. Use color safe laundry detergent. Extraction (spinning) in delicate mode to simplify the ironing. Please don't use hot drying and do not pre-soak.

You can clean and polish the armor with a dry soft cloth and some sort of oil (for example, waste engine oil). Do not polish the surface with the abrasive materials. Water ingress is permissible, but not desirable (do not wipe the product with a damp cloth, do not immerse in water, do not wash in the washing machine). After each use, the armor should be cleaned and wiped dry. Keep the armor in dry ventilated area, sudden temperature changes must be excluded. Before the long-term storage, make sure that all parts of the armor are clean, dry and completely covered with oil.

06 of February 2015

Hi there, I was just wondering if you had a gorget in this style suitable for SCA, or is the Aventail on your helmets are SCA legal?

ArmStreet team

There is no matching gorget in this set, the neck is covered with the aventail of the Turban Helmet “Prince of the East”. For SCA the helmet can be equipped with SCA-grade hidden protection upon request.

Rebecca Bassett
27 of December 2013

What would be the approximate weight for the stainless full set (without helmet) - someone 6ft tall with medium build (180 pounds)

ArmStreet team

About 15-18 kg (33-40 lbs).

30 of October 2013

Ottoman ?

ArmStreet team

Rather, Persian.

josh beckham
31 of August 2013

Is this armor sca approved?

ArmStreet team

Bazubands should be SCA-adjusted (this option is free if you order the full set).
Other pieces are SCA-legal according to the Marshal's Handbook.
We recommend to consult with your local marshal previously.

Adrian Cabassa
02 of May 2013

My suit arrived exactly two months after I ordered it. I it beautiful! I can't wait to armor up and hit the field in it. Everyone is impressed with it too! Great work! I love it. And i own the matching helm too!

ArmStreet team

Great, thanks for the review!

19 of April 2013

Hey i was just wondering if this came with the chain mail because it isn't listed in the contents.

ArmStreet team

The chainmail is not included, we do not produce it for sale.

Miss Michele Walter
08 of April 2013

I have recently bought this and I love it. The etching detail is so beautiful, the individual pieces are well made and fit to perfection. All the leather straps are firm and solid. It is a joy to look at! Thank you Armstreet.

ArmStreet team

Thanks for your feedback, Michele!

Alexander Taran
16 of September 2012

Steppin' it up! Always have had excellent gear for fantastic prices, but your last few new sets have been a cut above your usual.

ArmStreet team

Thank you!

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