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Belt “Archeress”

Fantasy leather belt with dagger frog

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Jess La Bella
03 of March 2023

Perfect to add to any outfit for just a little extra. The metal work is fantastic. I need to find a knife that fits it.

14 of May 2020

Stunning, fits well with a lot of dresses and it's easily one of my favorite belts! I love the brass accents.

14 of May 2020

Great item to complete the Archeress look. Also worn is with my Lady Hunter dress. It can even be added to a casual outfit.

Nicole Caputo
29 of January 2020

Beautifully made! Dagger slot is too small for mine to fit and it’s a pretty standard size, but otherwise a beautiful belt. Can’t wait to wear!

Alejandra Izquierdo
06 of November 2016

Beautiful pieces! well made , Thanks lots!!

28 of October 2016

Lovely belt good material, mines is extremely big on the waist, so I will have to make holes in it but overall lovely.

Mrs Nicola A Munday
28 of October 2016

I love this belt! I especially love the fact that I am able to keep a knife or small dagger with this belt to! It gives it perfect weight with that added! Armstreet staff, are excellent and very helpful. Would have no concerns at all in encouraging friends to use this company! Thanks again to you all !

02 of February 2016

Have received my beautiful Archeress belt! It's stunning, fits great, goes well also with my Mistress of the Hills corset and the Archeress chemise! thank you!

ArmStreet team

Thanks for the review, Avalyen!

Clarina Bezzola
23 of June 2015

This belt is so beautiful with the orange medieval dress! I am so happy I got it!

Bree NarnianWarHorse
21 of October 2014

I ordered this belt without the brass accents to add to my small costume wardrobe -- & it turned out fabulously! Very strong & simply elegant, staff was incredibly kind & helpful, & I'll be excited to purchase from Armstreet again in the future!

ArmStreet team

Thanks for your feedback!

11 of August 2014

Excellent quality, looks great with the 'Archeress', creates a beautiful silhouette.

Kristina Verhoeven
01 of May 2014

Love it. Love it. Love it.

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31 of January 2019

Do have any suggestions for a dagger that would best fit this belt?

ArmStreet Team

Dear Taylor, you may select any dagger in our shop that you like and leave a comment to your order that it is will be worn with the Archeress belt. We will adjust the belt according to the dagger size. 

04 of August 2018

Would it be possible to order this belt with the Secret Garden etching instead of the Archeress? Thank you.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Mary, customization should be possible. Please contact our support team for more details.

15 of August 2017

Hello! Is it possible to order this belt with the plain brass pieces-no design on them? I like the belt, but I am not a fan of the design.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Mallyn, yes it is possible.

Lambrechts Katy
25 of March 2017

Good evening, A few years ago I bought my archeres cress and wite underdress... they are beautiful. Now I want to buy a belt and I also want to order a cloack. I prefer wool because of the warmth and I would like to have some pockets inside. Is that possible? My archeress dress has beautiful blue color. It would be great if i could button up the cloack so it would be warm. Thank you

ArmStreet team

To order the belt, you only need to enter your hips circumference, but you can add any additional measures int he comments to your order.
As for the cloaks, here are some we'd recommend:
- Limited Grey Cloak “Labyrinth”
- Coloured Woolen Cloak “Labyrinth”
- Black Woolen Cloak “Labyrinth”
These three versions of the Labyrinth cloak are really comfy to wear and will protect you from cold and wind, but it won`t be possible to add any pockets though.

Pearl Marley
03 of November 2014

Hello Armstreet, I really like the belt that goes with the archerss dress. However I would need a to have a few modifications made to it to fit the dagger that I have. 1. I wouldn't want accents. 2. I wouldn't need the frog. (I would need a way to slide the rings of my dagger onto the belt) 3. I would possibly need a round buckle. The belt would be brown with stainless steel. Please contact me if you are able to make modifications to your products. Thank You

ArmStreet team

We can make this belt without accents and frog. The belt can be made of brown leather. But the buckle can be made of bronze only, sorry; available belt clasps are listed below:

Eastern Europe Belt/Strap Clasp #1
Eastern Europe Belt/Strap Clasp #2
Slavic Casting Belt/Strap Clasp

30 of November 2013

Would it be possible to have this belt made _without_ the brass accents, in brown leather — un-embellished, or maybe decorated more like this one: Handmade Medieval Leather Belt With Molded Accents? And if that _is_ possible, what would the cost be? Thank you!

ArmStreet team

Can be made without brass accents, no problems.
This belt cannot be made with such decorations as on Handmade Medieval Leather Belt With Molded Accents, sorry.

28 of November 2012

Hello, I was wondering what colour the belt has in the pictures of the "Archeress" set? Thank you.

ArmStreet team

Model wears brown color belt.

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