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ArmStreet t-shirts: from modern medievalism to stories of war

There are war-time t-shirts and branded t-shirts, all of them in one place. We've been thinking about making t-shirts with our designs before the War, but things went rogue so we needed to adjust and move faster.

Long story short, our first t-shirts were born in the fire and a desperate need during the War in Ukraine, but we wouldn't be ourselves if we didn't make our best, applying our knowledge and skills to this modern craft.

The T-shirt is probably one of the most popular pieces of clothing in the world, a quick search taught me that it fights for the first place with jeans, sneakers and underwear. So, t-shirts are super popular and they also comply with the modern trends of simplicity and minimalism and personalization. A t-shirt is simple and not pretentious, but the message on it might be sophisticated and bold.

Our first t-shirt was actually a t-shirt with our own logo, expanded to the level of North European style town scenery. "Armstreet, you'll be a town soon"... well, one day. We've got stuck there for a while, as we needed a branded t-shirt for our most loyal fans, business partners, and our own team. But here came the war. We had to stop our manufacturing for six weeks completely, and then we slowly started to recover.

So, our war-time t-shirts, starting from the cossack with an anti-tank launcher and followed by the signature (can I say "iconic"?) "Tapestry of War" and "A Warrior and a Serpent" became our life-line to survive and to be able to support our team members fleeing, fighting or hiding.

Warrior and serpent Viking T-shirt “Tapestry of War” Shopping Bag “Tapestry of War” Cotton T-shirt


“Fight like Ukrainian” T-shirt

And, as it always happens to ArmStreet, we got to create things.
It’s not a rare case that we learn and create at the same time, and learn by creating things. Now we know way more about cotton, different ways of printing and color reproduction, so more t-shirts are on the way. We also love the idea that our customers can take a piece of their favorite hobby into their real life. We do it ourselves and we love it!