Water Flowers

Romantic elven dresses and jewellery clothes collection made from soft draping cotton and silk, embellished with hand beading and brass accessories.

Quiet afternoons by the water, moss-covered rocks, gentle trees protecting you from the harsh sunlight... it’s hard to tell sometimes if it’s been a moment or an eternity, sitting in the shade or floating in the water. Sometimes it feels like you’re frozen in time, existing eternal in that forest.. and other times it’s as if you can feel the seconds passing all too quickly, your afternoons with her ticking away like ripples lapping rhythmically against the riverbank. Time slips by too easily with her.

Our “Water Flowers” elven dresses and jewellery collection is inspired by fantasy elf clothes, Art Nouveau motifs, and the natural beauty of water gardens and lilies. Graced with flattering silhouettes, adjustable lacing, gorgeously draped textiles, and astonishing detailed finishes, this collection is as ethereal and breathtaking as the elves themselves. For us, these dresses and accessories evoke a feeling of easy, effortless romance, full of long walks in the woods with your true love and punctuated with impulse swims in the lake.

These dresses use a variety of materials that complement the patterns perfectly, chosen to get the right amount of structure, softness, and drape. Side lacing on the dresses allows for you to get the perfect comfortable yet fitted fit across your body, and wide, swishing skirts will make you want to spin in circles and dance until your heart’s content. ArmStreet-exclusive trim designed by our team of artists can be found throughout the collection, with the same Art Nouveau water garden motifs echoed through our range of accessories and jewelry.

Of course, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make an elf wedding gown, complete with otherworldly silk sleeves that create truly one of our most beautiful creations. This whole collection features all of our finest crafting and finishing techniques and truly inspires awe with how perfect it is both inside and out.

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Feel amazing in a fantasy elven dress

There is nothing quite like the alluring fantasy of elves. There’s something so special about these beautiful otherworldly beings that capture the hearts of people with both their grace and intelligence. This new collection was made to spread this feeling, and give everyone a chance to experience what it’s like to be one of these ethereal creatures! Inspired by Elven aesthetics, beautiful water gardens, and Art Nouveau, “Water Flowers” is a truly wonderful addition to our women’s clothing and accessories.

We can teach you how to dress like an elf!

Never tried to dress like an elf before? No problem, we’re pretty experienced with it. Because the whole elven concept is fantastical, it’s easy to take themes and motifs from different points of inspiration and combine them to create your own unique elven aesthetic. We recommend you think about the following concepts to help you inspire your own costume:

  • Beautiful embellishments
  • Golden or silver accessories
  • Graceful shapes
  • Draping fabric

There are many different types of elves to think about as well, so it's completely up to you in the direction you choose to go.

Get the perfect look with our medieval elven dress

It can be difficult to create your own costume from scratch, especially when it requires so much detail and fabric! That’s why we decided to create a perfect collection of elven dresses, ready to wear as soon as you unpack them. If you’re wondering how to dress like an elf from Lord of The Rings, our “Water Flowers” collection has everything you need to create a cohesive look that will look like you’ve walked straight out of Middle Earth. Our dresses are versatile, from average dresses for LARP to items specifically designed for a Lord of the Rings elf wedding, so make sure to browse our whole collection!

Elven Dresses "Water Flowers" Fantasy dress by ArmStreetFantasy Elven Clothes collection for LARP Renaissance Fair
Elven Dress for Fantasy Proncess Wedding and LARP Elven Dress for LARP and Renaissance Fair fantasy Wedding

What should I wear to a Lord of the Rings wedding?

If you’re the bride, we’d recommend being an elf, as the wedding elf look is truly beautiful and you’ll remember that wonderful outfit for the rest of your life. If you are just attending a wedding you should consider if you’re going to wear elf clothes or not - ask the bride if you're unsure!

How can I have an elf themed wedding?

There are so many things to think about when planning a wedding! Obviously, the elf dress costume is important, but there are lots of other things like food, decoration, music and more that you also have to think about. It’s difficult to ask, “what's an elf wedding like?” since elves are fictional and we can’t just ask them about their culture. This also makes it easy to dream and imagine and design it exactly the way you want it to be. So, maybe you should be asking yourself: what do I want my wedding to look like? And how can you incorporate elvish themes and looks into it?

Great elves never forget their accessories

I know we keep talking about clothing and how you can achieve your wedding dress elf dreams, but accessories are just as important! They can actually take a regular outfit and turn it into something totally elvish even if it wasn’t before. Some accessories to think about include:

  • Circlets and crowns
  • Bracelets
  • Mirrors
  • Pins
  • Necklaces

There are so many wonderful little items that you can add to your costume to really take it to the next level, so make sure you don’t focus too much on that dress (even though we are!)

We love our elf dress, but don’t forget the groom!

The bride shouldn’t be the only person looking fantastic, their groom or partner should look just as great as well! Just like our “Water Flowers” elf dress costume, we have other collections aimed at men to help them look fancy and wonderful. Don’t just stop there, though - we also have lots available for bridesmaids, groomsmen, and anyone else you want to look like the perfect fantasy elf for your occasion.

Do you ship worldwide?

You’re in luck because ArmStreet ships basically everywhere imaginable - even Middle Earth! Multiple shipping options, including tracked UPS, are available to the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and almost everywhere else. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your shipping options, please contact our customer support and we’ll be happy to help.

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