Keys & Symbols

Jewellery and accessories embellished with exclusive, medieval-inspired alphabetical designs

In the Middle Ages, monks and scholars would spend their lifetimes refining their lettering and perfecting their manuscripts, poring laboriously over every twist of each letter. Without the printing press, letters had to be written by hand, and instead of easily producing or photocopying a page, it all had to be hand inked. As you can imagine, each person developed their own slightly unique hand and style for lettering.

We decided that it was time for ArmStreet to come up with our own custom font so that you can finally have beautifully embellished accessories customized with your favorite letters, and eventually, phrases! Perfecting this alphabet was no easy task – we wanted to make sure it looked medieval and had a nice style, but also different enough from others so that it could be our own unique font.

There are tons of items that look great when made into custom brass letter jewellery. Imagine earrings with your initials, fibulas with a symbol representing your club or liege, and other accessories adorned with everything you want to say to those inspecting your fashion.

We expect this new alphabet and subsequent collection of items and accessories to bring a new level of customization to your kit and help you tell your story. Sure, you already tell your story through your costume – in everything from the colors you choose to wear to the items you decide to hang from your belt - but we also feel that words and letters can help!

Custom brass letter jewelry

If you haven’t had jewelry made to represent your initials before, you haven’t lived! There’s something truly special about wearing the initials of a loved one, or your own name, close to your heart to remind you what you love or where you came from. When designing a costume, having a custom letter brings an extra layer of mystery and helps tell your story, so it’s a fantastic addition to any outfit.

Explore our gothic letter alphabet!

While monks spent years and years refining their own personal styles of lettering, we didn’t have to spend quite as long because ours is much easier to reproduce with the help of modern technology. We’ve worked hard to create a wonderful new design that resembles historical writing but still has its own ArmStreet twist.

How to accessorize custom brass jewelry

If you’re wondering how to wear this kind of jewelry, there are lots of different options! First, you need to ask yourself what you’re trying to say with your new jewelry. Is it a secret that you keep tucked under your blouse? Or a symbol you’re proud to wear on your jacket for all to see? Once you know what you’re trying to say and the story you’re trying to tell, it becomes much easier to understand how you’re supposed to wear it.

keys-symbols-1.jpg keys-symbols-2.jpgkeys-symbols-3.jpg

Tell your story with medieval alphabet jewelry

Perhaps your necklace is from a long lost lover whom you met once and never saw again… or maybe it’s a priceless family heirloom that has been passed down for generations, finally making its way to you. There are so many different options with items like these, and they can have so many different stories! This is where you get to be creative and decide what it means to you.

Medieval jewelry and accessories you will love

We talk about necklaces because they’re such a versatile item and can be worn by people of any gender without looking out of place, but there are so many more options to use our custom lettering on!

  • Keys
  • Earrings
  • Brass jewelry
  • Belts
  • Fibulas and pins

We plan to continue extending our Keys and Symbols collection to give you many more options to complete your wardrobe.

How can you create your own medieval font?

Creating a medieval font requires a lot of time and expertise. First, you must design every letter yourself (usually digitally so you can reproduce it). It is a very laborious process that takes lots of research and artistic work.

Medieval accessories and custom jewelry shipping worldwide

Don’t worry about creating your own medieval font, we’ve already done it for you! All you have to do is decide which letter you want, and order it. We ship worldwide, including the UK, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the USA, and have different options available, including express UPS shipping. Get in touch with our customer support to discuss your options.