News - Armstreet at Pennsic XL

September 23, 2011

For all our friends and clients we are happy to inform you that this year ArmStreet LLC participated to the Pennsic War at the second time.

PennsicXL - the second Pennsic for ArmStreet LLC

Well, we learned from the mistakes and turmoils of the last year and made some improvements. For instance, our new tent prove to be great! We are now working on the completely new line of tents based on the design and materials of the one we took to Pennsic: the new tent prove to be as light as the old once, but much bigger, not nearly as hot under sunlight and much, much sturdier! Some of our new armor designs also very well received by the rigorous audience of Pennsic experts and, with minor improvements, are going to be the part of our regular products.

Merchant site 181

We were very happy to have on our crew this year a new and very capable member – our new French customer support and site representative – Ms. Ksenia Chernigivska.

New member of the crew

As usually, Pennsic War was very impressive! We got a lot of feedback and new information, were able to say hello to our old friends and to make some new ones.

Friends of ArmStreet at Pennsic XL

Friends of ArmStreet at Pennsic XL

And as usually, the most impressive things about Pennsic War are: its' scale, amazing organization anda good and friendly spirit of everyone!

Pennsic War campground map

War opening ceremony

War opening ceremony

War opening ceremony

Coopers Lake campground

Well, some good fighting, armors and costumes as well...

Fight at Pennsic XL

Main Battle at the Pennsic XL

The legendary “all-out” field battle was rather fast this year: we hope that its' outcome would probably prove to the Midrealm that the key element of the every military victory is a good allies – no matter how strong yourself you are. Again, we would like to express our deep gratitude to Cindy Cooper for her constant and indispensable help! Great “Thank you!” to our neighboring merchants for their great attitude toward “novices” (relative novices now – but it is still paling to 20 or 30 Wars you folks are participated!).

Neighborhood at Pennsic XL

Neighborhood at Pennsic XL

You were very eager to share your knowledge and always offering the help!

Our special amazement to fabulous Casa Bardicci whose grand scale of efforts and dedication to the hose are legendary, unparalleled and borderline to insanity (the good one – that is for sure)!

Casa Bardicci at Pennsic XL

And the last but not least! Our greatest appreciation to the Tygersharks whose hospitality, friendship, wit and humor just left us speechless! Thank you, Captain! Thank you James and Michael! Thank you everyone!

Tygersharks at Pennsic XL

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