News - Calendar 2021

December 29, 2020

This was an exceptional year, so we knew that we had to make an exceptional calendar. Instead of the usual gallery of our favorite new collection, we’re taking this opportunity to celebrate our employees who made it possible for the company to live through this harsh 2020. As we only have 12 months in a year we can't introduce them all to you, but these six ladies and six gents are happy to represent the general spirit of ArmStreet's family. They are usually behind the scenes, but they are the ones who make it possible for you to order another astonishing garment, eye-catching jewelry, or high-quality piece of armor. The characters in the photos are more or less representing the everyday duties of those people!

Irina, design pattern maker


Born in a tailor's family she's been inspired by design since her early childhood. Irina chose to pursue a philological higher education first. As an English and French teacher and translator, the world was open to her both for adventures and relocation. She finally optimized her creative potential in sewing and even launched her own successful business. Due to family circumstances, she came back to Ukraine where she met our head designer and found creative ability fulfillment and support in ArmStreet. Our first design pattern maker, Irina sped up the evolution of the whole sewing department – thanks to her, our old kind of medieval  sewing (we used to tailor and fit our styles' ideas on family members and friends) leveled-up into a craft production with patterns and proper guidelines for each and every design. She has designed patterns for the majority of the current product line.

Alex aka Yorik, chief blacksmith in armour department


You can see him as a two-in-one character – the blacksmith and the knight. This neat-handed young man used to make armor for himself as a LARP, historical reconstruction, and theatre enthusiast and then joined the team - fortunately for us! From the neat-handed young man, he's developed into an expert of the highest level that can forge hot, cold, and cross-stitch :) Joking. That's a story of a hobby that turned out to be a job. Because Yorik has such a good stature and is always on call, he uses himself to design new armour pieces and therefore can often be seen at the photos throughout the armour category at our site. Once upon a time he used to participate and win prizes in medieval fighting tournaments, so he definitely knows how to handle a sword – which really makes him the ultimate model for armor as well!

Vera, quality control specialist


Irreplaceable and a superior QC officer at ArmStreet. With a background in building and construction higher education, she worked as a construction site supervisor until her 50s. With experience working with small businesses, when such a lady of accomplishment joined our team it became almost impossible for faults to leave the production site under-the-radar. Full of esprit and vivacity.

George, chief jeweler


Again, a success story of a hobby that turned out to be a great job! This historical swordsmanship enthusiast and history admirer joined the team at some point and found his path advancing the technology in our jewellers studio. Representing the character of Mauritanian jeweler at the photo, his team is responsible for jewelry, embossing, and enamel at ArmStreet.

Alyona, customer support manager


She is not addicted to coffee or sweets, but only to your messages. Her morning starts with an inbox full of your letters waiting for responses and it is she who strives to provide them promptly. She does not care for the weekend if you need her assistance. Alyona is a link between you and our design and production teams who fulfill your dreams about a beautiful garment or outstanding armour suit or exclusive/ custom product. Always happy to help, your customer support manager :)

Ivan, chief blacksmith in helmet department


31 years old. Blacksmith. Engineer. Inventor. Biker. Customizer. Aerial gymnast. The character in the photo is so Ivan – all those tattoos, biceps, helmet in one hand, hammer in the other. It's such a pity we couldn't bring a welding unit into our photo studio to give you the proper image of this high-quality specialist in welding! These days almost all helmets, gauntlets, and decorative weapons are the brilliant results of the work of Ivan's team.

Alina, textile technologist


She joined our team at nineteen with close to zero experience, right after graduating from the sewing college. At 25 she is an accomplished textile technologist capable of teaching other people, managing processes, and working through new patterns at the highest level. Every new dress starts for her with "Oh my god, how can one deal with those tiny pleats?!" and in 3 days results in "Oh, I love this dress - it will be my favorite!". Alina's story is a story about true love for her job. She likes to start her day by browsing #armstreet on social networks to see whether any client has posted new photos featuring our products. The greatest compliment for her is to see a happy client wearing the dress she had sewn with her own hands. All of your "this is the dress of my dreams - I was waiting for it and finally it's arrived! I'm so happy!" and "Wow, what a stitching! I couldn't expect such a quality!" comments inspire her on a daily basis.

Pasha, deputy head of production


This man is the beating heart of the complicated machine that is manufacturing at ArmStreet. When you see the beauty of the pages on our site it's hard to imagine the number of rules, materials, equipment, processes and people involved at all levels. Pasha is the one who knows all the details, has all the keys and all the tasks written on small paper notes. You could have met him at the Gulf Wars and Pennsic.

Inna, embroideress


Inna moved to Kharkiv due to the war conflict in the east of Ukraine and became an embroidery trainee with absolutely no experience - not even as a hobby! Never in her life had she imagined herself in such a career, and now she is the one to do the finest and the most exclusive work. Inspired by the perfectionism of our head designer, she has developed incredible attention to detail, every line and every square millimeter should be as beautiful and as sure-handed as the image from a graphic designer. An ordinary embroideress makes a copy of the required image while Inna "paints" in threads so that the final result on the fabric is as good as or even better than the graphic designer's image. She really enjoys the fact that the customer receives the item in its most ideal version possible.

Andrew, logistics specialist


Material buying, expedition, and logistics – when Andrew has joined our team, all the parcels started to be dispatched in time like the wave of a magic wand. Experienced logistics specialist, we’re very lucky to have him on board. Moreover, Andrew has delicate aesthetic sensitivity, which means our head designer can delegate the fabric shade selection to him. The art director has found him to be a great helper in supply buying as Andrew is capable of distinguishing dark-blue and dark-dark-blue-almost-black colors.

Rita, customer support manager


Brilliantly combines German department support work for ArmStreet with her job as an English teacher at a top-notch language school. You have met her in some videos on Youtube, as you are definitely subscribed to our channel, aren't you? Graduated from the university studying foreign languages, she is also a decent violin player! So from now on, if you see an email signed "Rita" you'll know whom this is standing for – here she is.

Eugene, graphic designer


Our previous graphic designer Olha proved to be a person of refined taste during the years of work, and she highly recommended Eugene. Behind every item designed and produced by ArmStreet whether it is a dress, decorative hammer, suit of armour or a ring, there is a huge amount of work put in by our graphic designers. Every trim, etching, embossing, laser-cut ornament, or embroidery is the results of hours of research, sketches, discussions, edits, and image scaling. Among others, Eugene is also responsible for the implementation of the challenging ideas of custom designs we receive from our customers. Same as you might be familiar with the feeling you were born in different times, Eugene was born in Yevpatoriia in our day, but has an appearance as if he was born in Italy in the 16th century.

Just a few of us, but each of them is the one who brought something beautiful into your life, and made it with their own hands for you. We hope to have a chance to introduce more of our teammates to you later. If you've enjoyed those photos, let us know, whether you are interested in a printed or PDF version of this calendar.


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  • Gabriel
    28 of February 2022

    Years ago I received my clothing from Ukraine. I lived in Mexico City and it was one of the most special days for me, receiving that package from so far away. I think about what is going on right now and I sincerely send you all my blessings and prayers for you. Hang in there. Thank you for being a part of my wizzard magic part.

  • Larry
    27 of February 2022

    I have to say that after going to college with several Ukrainian students and having a Ukranian professor, Dr. Michal Billoze, the men are VERY handsome, and the women are so VERY beautiful! I have yet to meet a Ukrainian that I did not immediately like call a friend! Stand Firm, my Friends, America is with You!!!!!!!!!

  • Larry
    27 of February 2022

    That was a fascinating look at Your workers. I would DEFINITELY love to have a calendar such as You speak of, please. If possible, my wife and I would like a printed version of the calendar, please.

    Thank You,
    Larry and Jaqui Mager
    1764 Cedar Village Court North
    Fairborn, Ohio 45434

  • Guest
    10 of January 2021

    You all look so beautiful in those costumes!

  • Ashley
    05 of January 2021

    I appreciate you guys! I look forward to more products!

  • Denise Tapia
    05 of January 2021

    I have been wearing and admiring Armstreet garments for 10 years. It's great to see these pictures and to get an idea of the superb team you are. Happy new year!

  • Deborah
    04 of January 2021

    The photos are very striking. It's good to see the people behind the products. Yes, I would love this calendar. I love everything I have bought from Armstreet.

  • Dawn
    03 of January 2021

    Great meeting some of the staff there.

  • Dawson
    02 of January 2021

    Love all of my ArmStreet “stuff”

  • Vanisa
    01 of January 2021

    I am so happy this year's opening showcases some of your staff! Most appropriate! I have been a fan of yours for years and it's nice to see the magic-workers. Thank you--those featured here and everyone on your team-- for all you do!

  • Cat
    01 of January 2021

    I thought it WAS a calendar, so yes, please!

  • norah
    01 of January 2021

    Great profile of your employees! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • Thomas Thompson
    31 of December 2020

    This seems like a great way to honor the people that makes things happen in this organization.

  • Michael
    30 of December 2020

    Make a comment if you think we should print it :-)

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