News - Fantasy Linen “Wanderer” Dress Robe

April 02, 2014

Enjoy our new “Wanderer” garb

Fantasy linen dress robe costume "Wanderer"

Exclusive fantasy garb. 100% natural linen cloth.

This unique costume unites luxury silhouette and details with pauper cloth. 

Linen fantasy dress Wanderer

She can be either a princess in exile or a lady of high degree who is humbly undertaking a pilgrimage to sacred sites. 

Materials and detailes:

  • Basic fabric: natural linen, resembling homespun canvas by texture.
  • Hood and sleeves fabric: semitransparent natural linen, resembling cheesecloth or thin sackcloth by texture.
  • Long and wide sleeves with turnbacks
  • Ample half-round hood
  • Wide (wider then full-round) skirt

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