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May 22, 2021

Once upon a time there was a group of friends, extremely pationate about the Middle Ages and Fantasy Realm. They used to attend and later to organise events that now would be called LARP events. Blessed with a high fashion sense they never were satisfied with existing solutions for costuming and started to design and produce costumes for themselves and their friends first. And a bit later – for the medieval enthusiasts all over the world. That is how on the 22nd of May, 2003 our first shop on eBay was launched with the first sale recorded on the 6th of June, 2003. That's now the time of the year ArmStreet celebrates its birthday and we invite you to join us!


happy-birthday-armstreet.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-1.jpg


Do you recognise them?

Some of the models, especially in the early years, were either one of us - the part of initial team – or our closest friends. That is why you can see them both in early naive photos and on the photos of just baked, brand new items. Watch them changing and staying the same at the same time!

happy-birthday-armstreet-2.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-3.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-4.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-5.jpg
happy-birthday-armstreet-6.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-7.jpg
happy-birthday-armstreet-8.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-9.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-10.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-11.jpg
happy-birthday-armstreet-12.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-13.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-14.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-15.jpg
happy-birthday-armstreet-16.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-17.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-18.jpg
happy-birthday-armstreet-19.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-20.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-21.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-22.jpg


happy-birthday-armstreet-24.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-25.jpg
happy-birthday-armstreet-26.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-27.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-28.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-29.jpg


"After all this time?" "Always"

Some roles have changed and not even once, but the team have not. See our photographer, marketing director, CEO and general affair manager featuring in early ArmStreet's photos.

happy-birthday-armstreet-30.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-31.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-32.jpg


happy-birthday-armstreet-34.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-35.jpg



Early costumes

From very simple tunics to extremely posh and layered capes, from almost precise historical reconstruction to the pure fantasy – see the most outstanding pearls of our clothing line. It made a long way from a bit chaotic and distributed network of workers into a solid corporation with well organised processes.


happy-birthday-armstreet-37.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-39.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-40.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-41.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-46.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-47.jpg
happy-birthday-armstreet-42.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-43.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-44.jpg
happy-birthday-armstreet-49.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-50.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-51.jpg


happy-birthday-armstreet-53.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-54.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-55.jpg


Early armour

Such a wide range of what we've done in terms of armour during those 18 years! Leather, mild steel, stainless steel, spring steel and the combination of those - our blacksmiths are constantly learning to deal with something new and are super successful in this! And yes, we were good at flatlays even before it was cool!


happy-birthday-armstreet-58.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-59.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-60.jpg


happy-birthday-armstreet-63.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-64.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-65.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-66.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-67.jpg
happy-birthday-armstreet-68.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-69.jpg


Early accessories

Hours and hours of deliberate hand work, incredible technical solutions and the highest possible attention to the details and the quality of manufacture.

happy-birthday-armstreet-70.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-71.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-72.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-73.jpg


Early shoes

Common, we've made the first medieval sneakers years ago! But most of all we are proud of finding the perfect solution to combine the medieval appearance with modern comfort for your feet.


happy-birthday-armstreet-75.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-76.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-77.jpg
happy-birthday-armstreet-78.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-79.jpg


Unusual designs

No comments, just see those pearls of engineering thoughts!

happy-birthday-armstreet-80.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-82.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-83.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-84.jpg
happy-birthday-armstreet-85.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-86.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-87.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-88.jpg


Attention to details

See those stitches, engravings, laces, scales and embroidery threads beautifully aligned and executed!


happy-birthday-armstreet-90.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-91.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-92.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-93.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-95.jpg
happy-birthday-armstreet-96.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-97.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-98.jpg
happy-birthday-armstreet-99.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-100.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-101.jpg


Everlasting classics

Few designs we carry on through all those years. Most of them have new photos and some ameliorations in patterns, but those products are with us from the very beginning.


happy-birthday-armstreet-103.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-104.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-105.jpg happy-birthday-armstreet-106.jpg


Thanks for being with us and for this journey into the early years of ArmStreet! Join our birthday stream and giveaway on Facebook (May, 27 - 3.00 pm EDT/ 21.00 Western Europe) and post some old ArmStreet photos with #oldarmstreet hashtag on Facebook and Instagram! We would be happy to see them and share at our pages.

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  • Ashley
    26 of May 2021

    Wishing Armstreet a very Happy Birthday! May you continue to inspire and enrich our escape to a time long ago!

  • Guest
    25 of May 2021

    I loved some of those earlier designs, and was sad to see some of them go !

  • Guest
    25 of May 2021

    Happy Birthday to Armstreet. I too am a relatively new customer but oh my have I filled my place with items from your craftmanship. It is interesting to see some of the designs of the past and look forward to new ones. Here is to many many more years, no, decades of success!!!

  • Tasha
    25 of May 2021

    Love the dresses! Always want more :)

  • Pamela
    24 of May 2021

    Happy Birthday Armstreet! As a relatively new customer it is very interesting to see your older garments, perhaps you should have a gallery for these to be displayed in! Again Happy birthday and well done to all!

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