News - Medieval Armor Legs XIV Style SCA Fight Dismountable Set

February 02, 2011

3 in 1 dismountable leg armour set

Legs, greaves and cuisses (thigh plates)

SCA-oriented medieval armor legs with greaves and cuisses for reenactment and sca fight

After number of discussions with SCA fighters and marshals we designed series of SCA -oriented armor. Overall these legs design is based on pretty well-known XIV century legs, but with some modifications which may be convenient for SCA fighters, I hope. Legs are fully dismountable and consist of 3 pieces - knee cops with flexibility segments and short upper and bottom plates , with removable half-greaves and removable cuisses with overlapping thigh plate. Knee cops have extension plates at inner side to cover knee bones from inside. They are flat so they don't detain.

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