News - New Renaissance Nobility Cloak And Cape

November 13, 2010

The Renaissance, the Revival of Learning epoch is the time of great breakthroughs and great wars, time of court cabals and depravity, time of knights and poisoners, time of tumultuous passions and sharp contrasts. The keen stilettos were concealing in the bouffant of ladies-in-waiting, the ardent hearts were disguised under the cuirasses of cavaliers, there was the cruelty masked by godliness, there was the treachery masked by smile. The palace air was heavy with the scents of perfumes and poisons, the dynasties alternated each other faster then the sovereigns alternated their mistresses and hired assassins were waiting around every corner.

What else can be said about the garb of these heroic, tragic and romantic days? About these refined ample curves, about the heavy pleats at the velvet curtains and brocade trains, about the obscenely close-fitting corsets and licentiously expensive bijoux? This style could be called the decadence if not reckon its unrivalled splendour, without the baroque pomposity and the rococo affectation.

The charm of those times inspired us to create the dresse and the cloak in the spirit of the Renaissance.

The heavy velvet pleats, the scintillating brocade finishing, curled laces and silk tassels predicate it is designed for a luxurious life in the palace.

These cloak and dress are our presents for beauties of the Renaissance, who are deadly as the poisoned edge of stiletto and who are fragile and delicate as the flower.

renaissance velvet cloak and dress

You are welcome to take a look at our new renaissance cloak and renaissance dress in our store right now

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