News - “The Alchemist's daughter” collection: dress, vest, accessories

September 02, 2013

Natural flax-linen dress with detachable sleeves “The Alchemist's daughter”

Slim fit bodice of the dress emphasizes breast and waist while wide skirt with 4 additional gussets drapes with soft pleats. All this combines into well-known medieval silhouette of the XIII-XIV centuries.
The skirt is hemmed with the fabric as well as sleeves and neckline. 

This is perfect costume for medieval event. Contrast color sleeves make this dress fantasy and unique. You can use this medieval dress as an event evening dress with sleeves or as hot weather light dress without ones.

Dresses and accessories: The Alchemist's daughter collection

Full version of "The Alchemist's daughter" costume with natural suede vest is also available in store.

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