Whimsical and surprising, this collection features natural textiles and hypnotic mazelike etching, perfect for midday rituals and cool moonlit nights.

She is one who follows the ancient Druids, worshipping nature and performing sacred rituals. Every step she takes, her bracelets jingle, and like any wanderer, her soft leather boots become closer and closer to the same color as the road with every step. Who is it that walks through the desert, her floor-length robe kissing the sands, her face shadowed by her deep hood? We may never know.

Our “Labyrinth” collection is for those who aren’t scared to do rituals by moonlight, and gaze for too long into the flames. We made it for those who aren’t afraid of magic, are in tune with their spiritual selves, and fearlessly lead the way. A true combination of aesthetic and functionality, we have used lush natural textiles that will keep you in touch with Mother Nature and also stand the test of time. Textured linen and soft suede work with wood, hemp, leather and metal for an alchemic combination of materials that any Pagan witch will delight in. Just wearing all of these materials close to your skin will cause you to feel grounded and more in tune with the world around you.

You’ll notice that everything in this collection blends together – beige, brown and gray fuse together naturally to relax your eye, while a bold black wool cloak punctuates it. We know how difficult it can be to find classic fantasy clothing, so we have worked to make sure this collection is medieval in inspiration but could fit into a modern Wicca ritual. All of the clothing is flattering and made with excess fabric and additional gores to make sure it will dramatically catch the wind and make your ritual moments even more memorable. So - go on. Find out when the full moon is and plan your next spell!

Clothing for your Celtic Wicca Rituals

When you buy clothing to wear to a ritual, you want something that grounds you and keeps you close to nature. You want to avoid polyester and synthetic fabrics, and instead, wear natural textiles. They are softer, wear better, and are better for mother nature!

Create a Nature Witch Costume

Build yourself a beautiful outfit with neutral tones, which warm the soul and please the eye. Create harmony across your whole costume by wearing items with a similar ethos. The labyrinth dress is the perfect combination of a dress and a robe, meaning that you will feel like you are wearing ritual vestments whilst also still having a flattering shape.

Your one stop shop for the Pagan Witch Costume

You no longer have to worry about looking through different shops and browsing everywhere to find the perfect outfit, we have it all here for you! In one place you will find beautiful leather and brass jewelry etched with a mysterious maze, flowing dress robes, billowing woolen cloaks and additional jewelry which will complete your whole look.

Stop searching for your Female Shaman Costume

If you’re looking for earthy robes, lush suede and warm wooly cloaks for a nighttime ritual, you’ve come to the right place. We have a variety of different options for you, meaning you can find the perfect outfit without having to go anywhere else. Create a costume that is personal to you, so that you can feel your absolute best.


Never go cold with a Wicca Cloak

Nothing quite feels you with warmth like a moonlit ritual as energy courses through you. Let’s face it, though – the comedown? Not so warm, especially if it’s the winter and you’re out in the forest! That is why we have created a beautiful, full woolen cloak, complete with beautiful embroidery, to keep you warm. Wool is amazing because it blocks out some of the wind, is water resistant and has a fantastic weight to it.

Fill your wardrobe with versatile LARP clothing

There are so many pieces in this collection that will fit into your LARP wardrobe! Many of the items are neutral in color and generic enough that you will be able to use them to accent tons of different costumes, such as

  • A witch
  • A desert princess
  • A druid
  • A mysterious shaman
  • An evil sorceress
  • Bag, pouches or purses

Not to mention the beautiful shoes and cloak, that will fit any medieval costume!

Complete your druid fancy dress

Are you looking for the finishing touch for your outfit? Do you not know how to make your Druid costume female? Just find a feminine touch in our labyrinth collection, such as the dainty headdress or magnificent medallion, to finish off your costume and give yourself that little bit of extra fanciness.

Clothing for every female shaman

Are you stuck with what you should wear? We would advise starting with a base piece, such as a robe or a dress, and working up from there. Choose pieces that have good energy, and make you happy. Add a bracelet, some shoes; maybe a necklace if you feel like it is the right thing to do. If you create a costume from the things that bring you joy, you know that you will always feel good wearing it!

Dress for your handfasting wedding ritual

Have you had trouble finding the perfect wedding dress? Imagine yourself in a field surrounded by flowers, your linen robe billowing as you marry the love of your life. Perhaps you should look for something less conventional, and pick a garment that brings you closer to mother nature and grounds you. If that’s not your thing, though, we still have plenty of other wedding dresses available.