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Fantasy Dress “Wanderer”

Exclusive medieval style dress robe

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14 of January 2023

Jag blev helt lycklig, när paketet kom från er. Dansade runt en lång stund men klänningen svepande runt mig. Älskade den på en gång!

07 of December 2022

Striking, and beautiful. Between 2 sizes (I have a large bust), I went down, which was a good choice, there's still enough room, fits very well. The sleeves are practical enough for games nights. And for 5'9" me, the sleeves and the dress are long enough, (the dress is not sweeping the floor of course, but not too short). Very nice quality and unique piece! Thx so much, Armstreet! Oh, also comfortable enough to wear all evening with no-sleeve chemise on. I wish you and all Ukrainians much love and safety.

30 of July 2022

I recently wore this to the Abbeystowe Festival in Australia. Got many compliments. I have ordered several Armstreet costumes. Never fail to impress. Comfortable too. Thank you Armstreet

04 of April 2022

I wore this dress last weekend, it is beautifully made and jaw dropping gorgeous! Dress was shipped with care in a lovely linen bag, such a wonderful detail. Avatar photo is of dress at the event. The dress is very long, so I tucked it up from the hem in two spots so it wouldn't get damaged at the Ren Faire grounds. I received so many compliments and questions about the maker, may you receive many orders once your country is no longer under siege.

25 of November 2021

I still love wearing this cool in summer too beautiful

17 of October 2021

The dress was a beautiful base layer! I added runes to the bottom and made it as a ritual dress. It is surprisingly warm, I only had to have one base layer underneath up north and nothing on my arms! It’s wonderfully made, I would and have recommended this dress to others.

19 of July 2021

I wrote a review below but wanted to add more information. I wore this dress out last weekend and got so many complements on it. It was a really hot day but the fabric is so nice and airy. I'm 5'6" and around 8 and a half stone and bought the size 2 which is a perfect fit.

17 of June 2021

This totally amazing dress arrived this morning and fits perfectly! I am in love with this dress, it is quite overwhelmingly amazing! It is everything I wanted in a dress really, natural fibres, comfortable and authentic statement piece. I'm a UK size 10 and ordered the size 2 here and the fit couldn't be anymore perfect. It is wonderfully flowing and flattering on the figure. I shall be wearing an underdress since the fabric although thick is a bit see through. The fabric is beautiful, its actually nicer in real life than it looks in the pictures. Now I have bought one thing from here I'm sure I am going to be ordering more!

10 of May 2021

Beautiful witchy

Teresa Rutledge
17 of November 2020

Just got the dress in time to wear to a regional renaissance festival. I received multiple compliments on my costume, for the first time ever! The fit is just right, it melds with the moccasins I had made locally and overall creates a statement. Exactly what I wanted.

13 of May 2020

I bought this for medieval re enactment and larpinng and I love it. I like how it drapes and it isn’t too scratchy. Also really good for Halloween costumes!

Deborah Wood
12 of May 2020

The Wanderer is my most favourite medieval dress from ArmStreet. (I have several.) It is exactly what I need it to be, as I wear it while I am working. (I am double-ordained clergy, volunteering in various locations, including where peacekeeping troops are deployed.) In the Middle East, the Wanderer serves the modesty that is required there. It is comfortable, durable, and easy care. I generally "air wash" it. Linen is comfortable in hot temperatures, and I can also wear it over under clothing in cooler temperatures. It is extremely well-made and fits to perfection. It is in keeping with the image of what most people perceive a druid or member of a monastery would wear. Natural linen is in keeping with my dedication to an environmentally-sound lifestyle, including clothing. ArmStreet goes above and beyond in their quality of clothing as well as customer service.

Deborah Wood
12 of May 2020

I should have included this photo with previous feedback.

12 of May 2020

This is by far the most beautiful dress I've ever owned. It's absolutely versatile even though the color might seem a bit weird in the beginning.

12 of May 2020

When they say you should avoid washing this in water, they're not exactly kidding, because it sheds a lot and looses any rigidity it ever had very quickly, and especially curved seams want to come apart a bit. That being said, it's in no way actually ruined just because you wash it a few times as I can attest to... ... because I went ahead and vat dyed mine purple! The seams of course stayed a neutral colour and at first it didn't bother me, but then I decided to add a little bit of embroidery to cover up the worst parts, and then things escalated and I've ended up adding more and more embroidery every year since. At this point the sleeves are nearly covered in floral trellises and a lot of the hood and I told my self I wouldn't touch the hem any more but maybe just a little bit. Anyway, the colour's pretty hard to catch but here's a pretty accurate one from a local roleplaying convention some years back when the embroidery madness had only just started. (doubled chain stitch on the sleeves to cover up the original stitching)

12 of May 2020

I simply love this dress! It is both dramatic and gorgeous in its simplicity! I love the size and width of it, when I quickly turn around. Great for any nature/shaman/wanderer roles

26 of February 2020

Dress is gorgeous! Sizing is very generous. I got an 8 but I could have gone a size or two lower. Love it and will be wearing it every chance

16 of August 2019

I got this dress for our local renaissance faire and am in LOVE with it. I selected expedited shipping which was pricey, but totally reasonable considering the distance to the US. Package arrived in the stated window so I was very pleased with that. The dress itself is beautifully constructed and the fabric is incredibly high quality. After steaming out the creases from shipping it looks just like the photos! Only difference I've noticed is that the hood is a little smaller in general with a smaller opening - more like the videos, a little less like the photos. Still looks great and when it's down for a lovely cowled look. I'm 5'6" 165 and ordered a size 8 based on my bicep measurement (i hate sleeves that are too tight) but i probably would have been just fine in a 6 since the top of the sleeve isn't too fitted. Can't wait to wear this tomorrow at the faire!

14 of August 2019

We were looking for a gift to our daughter and in search of ideas went to the page with this dress. Made the order and it came to us to Siberia in 20 days, just to birthday. The size of the 0 proved as times. It turned out that the daughter fell for this dress back in 2012. Thank you so much, the dress is great!

06 of July 2017

I'm very happy with the purchase of this dress. Please note, if you're familiar with linen, the garment does not come pre-washed. Linen softens with washing, but it also wrinkles significantly. I washed mine three times before pressing and wearing it and the fabric shed quite a bit of lint. There was not a lot of shrinkage.

23 of October 2016

The dress it's fantastic! thank you

ArmStreet team

Cool! Thanks for your feedback, Manuel! :)

28 of December 2014

this dress fits perfectly. It is soooooo beautiful and I am soooooo happy! Love it love it love it! I would like a cloak to go with it. Which one could I take?

ArmStreet team

Great, thanks for your feedback!
Green woolen cloak should work just well (more like a poncho, with wooden buttons), for more fantasy look - cloak with kinsale hood (pelerine), for noble character - full-circle trimmed cloak.

02 of October 2014

Hello like to say for second feedback this dress robe got from armstreet absolutely stunning. i wear this alot and so many from armstreet. My family loves them. It made my mother in tears commenting how beautiful amazing Clothing you have made. To all the team your the best and thankyou again, Making my dreams come true the only clothing that is me. I get soo many compliments people never seen anything like this here im flattered by everything your team makes. Your very friendly and the best thankyou

ArmStreet team

What could be a better reward for us than the great reviews?.. Thank you!

09 of September 2014

i just recieved this dress it is so comfortable well fitted and made thankyou

ArmStreet team

Thanks for your feedback!

Andrea Seiberl
18 of June 2014

Dear Armstreet Team I got my Wanderer Dress today and it's stunning! It's probably the most beautiful dress I ever owned. It fits perfect in the fixed size. I'm about 1,60 m tall and the dress goes perfectly to the floor with naked feet as I like it. It's not too long. Wow, I absolutely fell in love with this dress. You guys are the best! The shipping to Switzerland was fast and you have an excellent customer service. Your happy customer Andrea

ArmStreet team

Thanks for your great detailed feedback, Andrea!

Always welcome back to ArmStreet!

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24 of February 2020

Hello, i love this dress. I’m in Australia and I can see the amount of shipping to Australia. I’m wondering if the price I see for the dress is in Australian dollars or another currency? Thanks

ArmStreet Team

Hi Natalie, all prices on the website are in USD. 

23 of October 2019

This is beautiful robe I ever had. It flowing beautiful while I'm walking. Very comfortable robe.I can wear them all day. The long sleeve it was made from different linen. Since this robe made out two different linen material, special cleaning need to be done by cleaner. I dont want to ruin this beautiful robe.

22 of October 2019

Would it be possible to have this custom made in black?

ArmStreet team

Hi, this particular dress can be made in natural color only, sorry. 

Amy Price
21 of October 2019

I bought this dress a while back and I'm wondering now if it can be dyed at all. I'd be interested in dying it a gray or black. Any input would be appreciated!

ArmStreet Team

Hi Amy, we do not recommend to dye the dress because we cannot take responsibility for the outcome, unfortunately. 

Lianna Dimmock
26 of September 2019

If something is available for immediate shipping, is shipping time still 16-21 days?

ArmStreet Team

Yes, standard shipping time is 3 weeks. Express shipping takes 1 week only. 

11 of September 2019

I would like to order this in a custom size due to my height (5’3”) but I want to check how long it will take to be made and shipped. I can pay for express shipping. I am hoping to get the dress by October 21 in the US. Would this be possible?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Katherine, yes it is possible with express shipping. Please leave a comment to your order with the deadline. 

Tamara Dabels
18 of August 2019

I am typically a size 18 I noticed your custom orders only go to size 12, but you answered a post that you make plus sized custom orders. How do I start that process?

ArmStreet Team

Dear Tamara, this particular dress can be made in fixed sizes only. However, our size chart is different from the stanard one. Coud you please let us know your bust and waist circumference so we could help you to choose the right size?

Alexandra Lindsey
12 of April 2019

Hi! I’m 5’5 1/2” in height, and in pants size, I range between sizes 10 & 12 depending on brand. What size dress should I buy?

ArmStreet Team

Dear Alexandra, please send us your bust and waist circumference so we could help you to choose the right size. 

Willow Ross
14 of January 2019

I have been looking at this dress for months now and I just love it! I would be wearing it as a wedding dress, I am 5" 11 and 137 pounds I would like the dress to be long enough to touch the ground. Would I need to do a special order and would there be an additional cost for that? I'm also wondering if there might be any images of this dress being worn with a leather corset?

ArmStreet Team

Hello, yes you would need to select custom size option and fill in your height at the checkout so the dress could be made according to your measurements (no extra charge). Unfortunately, we do not have any pictures of this dress with leather corset, sorry. 

09 of January 2019

Hello, I'd like to buy one of this but I have a problem to choose the size. I'll tell you all the info in order to let me help to choose. Chest 99 cm - waist 70 cm - biceps 27 cm - wrist 16 cm. Height 160 cm. If I should choose the size by my chest it would be size 4 and it would be tooo big to the rest of my body. In size 2 maybe would it fit? Please, let me know. Thank you very much!

ArmStreet Team

Hello, size 4 of this dress will fit you nicely but loose on the waist. This dress supposed to fit loose on the waist though. If you would like the dress to be hemmed according to your height, please select custom size option. Pre-made dresses fit the height of 168 cm. 

06 of January 2019

Hi! Will dress size 0 will fit on 175cm tall girl? Thank You!

ArmStreet Team

Hi Zane! Pre-made dresses fit the height of 168 cm (so the dress will be ankle length for you). You may select custom size option for the dress and it will be hemmed according to your height.

09 of October 2018

Does this dress have roomy upper arm area? I ordered 2 dresses in the past and this was an issue for me for one of the dresses. The huntress dress arms fit well, while the lady of the lake dress made my arms unmovable.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Rebekah, this dress is made of a different fabric that stretches so there should be no issues with the upper arm area. 

Connie F Gunsley
16 of August 2018

Do you make or sale plus size rennaisance clothing for women?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Connie! Yes, of course, even if pre-made sizes do not work for you, we can make a dress in custom size for you. 

05 of August 2018

Can the wanderers robe be dyed a different colour

ArmStreet Team

Hi, we do not dye this dress and we cannot take the responsibility for the outcome if you try to do it yourself. However, we do know that our customers dyed this dress and everything was fine :) 

05 of August 2018

I am 5'3" will the length be fine on me? I am not sure if I have time to get a custom dress before my event.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Amy, it is better to order custom length dress. Otherwise, you may wear high heels. 

Kavita singhania
20 of July 2018

Hi, I m from India, can u customize this is black colour.


Hi, this particular dress can be made in natural color ony, sorry. 

07 of July 2018

Hi! Is it possible to make the sleeves on this dress shorter? As in ending near the elbow instead of having the draping sleeves?


Hi, Anna! Unfortunately, alterations are not possible for this dress, sorry. 

Michelle Rabedeau
05 of June 2018

With this gorgeous dress, which I plan on wearing for my wedding, would you recommend wearing an underdress? If so, would you recommend going size up if I want to do let's say one of your bridesmaids dresses under?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Michelle! This dress does not need any underdress. Even if you would like to order some of the chemises for it, it should be purchased in the same size and the dress. 

Michelle Rabedeau
31 of May 2018

I absolutely love The Wanderer. Am thinking of wearing it forbmg wedding. Are there any accessories you would recommend to go with to make it a little more "fancy"?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Michelle! All accessories from our Labyrinth collection will match the dress. 

09 of April 2018

I am only 5'3. Are there any additional charges for having the skirt adjusted for height. I can wear the standard size 0. I just don't want to be dragging such a unique piece through the dirt everywhere I go! Thank you!

ArmStreet Team

Dear Alexis, please simply select custom size option for the dress. It is a bit more expensive, but the dress will be hemmed according to your height. 

04 of February 2018

Hi there. Have you ever made this gorgeous “wanderer” robe for a guy? I’m 5’10 average build nd would love to have this exact robe for myself. Only customisation would be a front open (snappers all up the front so that it could be put on and taken off like a coat? Interested? Thanks. Richard.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Richard, yes we made this dress for a guy once. However, it is not possible to make a front open, unfortunately. 

12 of July 2017

Hi, I have the “Wanderer” Linen Robe. I love it but it came with strong folds from shipping. I was wondering how to remove them safely. What would you recommend? Thanks!

ArmStreet Team

Hi Kathryn, please simply iron the dress while it is still slightly damp after washing. 

29 of May 2017

Hello! I'm so sorry for that question but I like the dress fullness of sleeves and skirt and the silouette but need some historical accurancy (so no hood...). Is that possible? Thanks.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Sibilla! Unfortunately, it is not possible to make this dress without hood, sorry. 

Jackie Scott
11 of March 2017

Is there anyway to provide this for me in white linen?

ArmStreet team

The dress cannot be made in any other colour than the one from the pictures, sorry. Please check our Archeress chemise, it looks similar in some way and can be made of white linen flax.

Josephine weaver
31 of January 2017

Can you make the Medieval linen wanderer dress robe in off white?

ArmStreet team

The Wanderer Robe can be made in Natural colour as on the photos only, sorry. We use specific linen fabric for this dress and it is supplied in Natural colour only.

Martha Martin
13 of January 2017

I love your website. The costume are very professional. I am thinking of the wander's robe. Do you do sizes 16-18? Thank you.

ArmStreet team

Thank you! The Wanderer dress can be made in fixed size only, the length can be custom. Our sizes are different from US, UK and EU systems, so please check our size chart to check which size will fit you.
You can also email us your Full height, Chest and Waist measurements and we'll help you to determine the right size.

Stefanie Cunningham
30 of November 2016

Hello! I have a question. I see this amazing garment is made of a special material, so I'll completely understand if the answer is "no," but, as they say, it never hurts to ask...Would it be possible to have it made in black? As always, thank you for your patient customer service.

ArmStreet team

The dress cannot be made of Black. Unfortunately we don`t have this material in any other colour but Natural.

25 of October 2016

Do you have any recommendations for traveling by plane with these garments, for preventing wrinkles and damage? Would a thin dry-cleaning style plastic bag and a garment bag suffice inside a suitcase?

ArmStreet team

Well, no special recommendations, just fold it carefully and pack. The plastic bag and a garment bag should be enough.

06 of October 2016

Hello. I've checked the regular sizes, and I'm torn between 4 or 6. If I go for size 6, I don't want to have loads of material flapping around. What do you recommend going for. Thank you

ArmStreet team

We'd recommend you going with the size 4, as we always add some give for freedom and shrinkage of linen and the dress should fit you well.

11 of August 2016

Good morning! I have been watching this item for a long time now, and I'm finally ready to make the purchase. I measured myself according to your charts, and I'm falling into the size 6 category; however, normally, I am a size 8 or so. Do your sizes normally run a bit larger? I am so in love with this robe, I would like to get the measurements just right. Thank you very much!

ArmStreet team

Our sizes are different from European, UK and US size systems. If you are not sure, you can send us you Chest and Waist measurements, and we'll help you to determine your size.

courtney benstead
28 of April 2016

Hello. I would like to place an order for this dress but I am in Canada and am wondering if your prices are in American funds or in Euros. Thank you.

ArmStreet team

All prices on the site are shown in US dollars. Your currency is converted to US dollars automatically when paying via PayPal.

24 of February 2016

Hi there! I was wondering if the wanderer dress is suitable for very warm weather around (90 degrees Fahrenheit/ 32.2 degrees Celsius) Thanks for your time!

ArmStreet Team

Hi Nixie! Sackcloth is thicker than linen and might be too heavy for such hot weather, unfortunately. 

09 of November 2015

I love the dress and would like to order one, but would like to know if it's not see-thru?

ArmStreet team

The dress is made of unbleached canvas-like linen, it's not see-through, linen, while the hood and sleeves are made semitransparent linen.

Mary Williams
08 of October 2015

additional question...if item is in closeout, is shipping time still 2-3 weeks?

ArmStreet team

Yes, shipping of the Closeout items takes 16-21 days.

Emma Ricks
17 of September 2015

Armstreet, Good morning. I wanted to make an inquiry about this lovely item. I understand that regular sizing has only size 10 available, and that custom ordering is based on height. In making a custom order, are alterations made to in-stock products? Or would it be possible to request a size that is otherwise no longer available? Finally, if this is not a possibility: will this article not be available again? You have my many thanks for your time! Best wishes, Emma K. Ricks

ArmStreet team

Custom dress is made from scratch, simply enter your height and select a suitable regular size from the dropdown list. The "Wanderer" robe is the constant model of our assortment. This model is very popular, we are not going to discontinue it in the near future, please don't worry :)

Susan Glenn
03 of September 2015

Hello, I am in love with this robe however I'm a big girl...your custom sizes don't even come close to mine...any chance of larger sizes being doable? Extra charge for more fabric being understood. Thx

ArmStreet team

This robe can be made in regular sizes only for technical reasons, sorry. But you may email us your measurements at (full height, chest, waist, hips circumferences), and I'll discuss this matter with our designer.

23 of August 2015

I am wondering if you would belt this dress? What would you recommend?

ArmStreet team

Normally dresses with high waist do not require belt, but you can supplement it with a corset or bodice.

17 of June 2015

Is this dress no longer available in the custom sizing? (as of 6/17/2015) Also, I intend to buy several items - is shipping combined? Thank you.

ArmStreet team

This robe can be made in regular sizes only. Custom size robe is made according to your height.

Delivery of each subsequent item in your cart costs less. Just add all chosen items to your cart, and shipping rates will be combined automatically.

Vera Renella
13 of June 2015

Hello which chemice would be best/comfortable with this Dress?Vera

ArmStreet team

This dress should be worn without a chemise, its semi-transparent sleeves will look weird combined with long-sleeved chemise.

Steve Roque
22 of March 2015

Hi, my wife & I are photographers & we fell in love with this dress as soon as we saw it. Our question is in regards to the color. Is it even remotely possible to get this in black? If not, how difficult/feasible would it be for the buyer to dye it after purchasing? Thank you!

ArmStreet team

This dress comes in "natural" color only, sorry.
Dyeing should be acceptable, but we can not provide any recommendations or guarantees, sorry. Since we sell it as the finished product, and we're not responsible for all subsequent manipulations such as dyeing, it's at your own risk.

Melissa Tobin
18 of February 2015

I am only 5'0" tall = 60inches... and weight is 105lbs. Most ordered items are really long on me, but this dress looks like it would work well if it ran long. Any advice on what size to order in my situation?

ArmStreet team

The dress should be made to order, since all fixed size items are made for full height 5' 6" (168 cm). Please specify your chest, waist, hips circumferences, so we could help you with choosing the right size.

Becca Wood
18 of February 2015

Re: Wanderer Dress Robe Your site lists 16-21 days shipping time. I am located in Austin, Texas; would shipping still take that long? If not, what is a better estimate of shipping time to my location? Thank you, B. Wood

ArmStreet team

Shipping time is the same as listed (16-21 days) for Texas, sorry. Shipping rates are equal for all countries and states.

Asia Bryant
11 of February 2015

Hello. How much is the pattern for this dress, Fantasy Linen Robe Wanderer?

ArmStreet team

We do not share or sell our patterns, even for non-commercial use, sorry.

Karina Runnels
16 of January 2015

Hello, I'm in love with this dress but I have a question about the length. I'm 5'8" and would love to know if there is a way to have this lengthened so it is floor length for me. Is that possible?

ArmStreet team

You're welcome to order the robe in custom size, which is made according to your full height (growth).

10 of October 2014

Hi. This dress looks great. I have a question: is it doable without the front gusset? I don't think it would look good on me... Thank you, and good job!!!

ArmStreet team

Pattern of the robe cannot be changed, sorry.

Raïssa Hans
14 of August 2014

Hello, I really want to order this dress as it is soooo beautiful. Congragulations on the design. My only question is; if i have it custom made is there a possibility to have the front gusset set in lower,more at the hight of my belly ? As i'm not so very tall and not so skinny so it will make me look even shorter than i am. Thank you, Kind regards, Raïssa

ArmStreet team

We don't recommend such modification. This dress in large sizes perfectly hides all the flaws, the front gusset doesn't add an unwanted volume.

28 of June 2014

Hi! I'm beginning to think to My next larp character. It's going to be a priestess to the God of Hunters, so she need to be able to fight, run and move across the Woods. I really love the wanderer dress, but I was wondering if it can be altered to have a short skirt in the front, flowing to full lenght in the Back. Please let me know!

ArmStreet team

Sorry, we cannot alter the cut of this dress.

16 of June 2014

Hello, I recently received my Wanderer dress and wore it for the first time during a two-day event. I'm delighted : it fits incredibly well (I received so many compliments!) and is very comfortable. Now I'm wondering, what is the best way of washing it? Would it survive the washing machine, or by hand?

ArmStreet team

Great, thanks for letting us know!
Please use only dry cleaning for this dress, do not wash.

Timothy Burris
27 of May 2014

My wife is very interested in your Wanderers Robe. She is 5'9" tall. Should I get it done custom for her height or would the robe be long enough in a fixed size? Thank you for your time Timothy Burris

ArmStreet team

Women's clothing of standard sizes is designed for full height 5' 6" (168 cm), should fit fine to the growth 5' 5" - 5' 7" (165-170 cm). Thus, we recommend ordering custom size item.

Marie Ludwig
01 of May 2014

I just fell in love with this dress, but before ordering it I would have a little question.

I have quite muscular arms, and clothing is often too tight at the biceps. Could you tell me which is the width of this dress at the biceps? And in case it seems too small compared to my measurements, would it be possible to order this dess with a specific size for the arm, to be sure it fits?

Thank you very much!
ArmStreet team

Here is the chart - circumference of the sleeve at the upper arm in different sizes:
size 0 - 30 cm (11.8")
size 2 - 32 cm (12.6")
size 4 - 35 cm (13.7")
size 6 - 37 cm (14.5")
size 8 - 39 cm (15.3")
size 10 - 41 cm (16")
size 12 - 43 cm (17")
Hope this helps!

Megan Gavin
01 of May 2014

Dear Armstreet, How is the size of the Fantasy Dress "Wanderer" Linen Robe. Is it have extra room in the size or is the fit true to size.

ArmStreet team

Fits true to size. Fabric cut on the bias actually has more give/stretch to it.

avalyen croll
13 of April 2014

hello i like to soon and will be purchasing this robe dress with other items. do not want to miss out on this beautiful item. thanks!

Linda Law
04 of April 2014

Dear Armstreet, I have only just come across your site, and your clothes and they are stunning, absolutely stunning. What I saw first was 'The Wanderer' which I absolutely adore and wish to purchase. I wonder if you could advise me please if the wanderer is a limited edition or will I be able to purchase it in about a month when I am a little more settled financially? With kindest regards

ArmStreet team

It was released as a permanent model. Should be still available for order in a month and later, please do not worry.

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