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December 11, 2013

ArmStreet accounts (beta) has been launched

Great news for our loyal customers and new friends. We just started accounts at

How it works now:

You can easily register on site, it takes just a minute and you need just to let us know your name, email and password for your account.

Now you can use just a few but important features:

  • Check your orders history (if your email will be the same you used to buy from us your current orders history will be uploaded to your account)
  • Automated name and email fields fill in comments - you no longer need to provide your email every time you want to contact us or comment on something

We are also working on great number of more advances options:

  • Special offers based on your purchase history - you'll be offered items related to your recent purchases with discounts
  • Measurements profiles - you'll be able to keep your and your relatives measurements stored for future purchases
  • Automated order status updates - we are planning to link your account with our logistic database so you'll be able to see your order progress online
  • Shareable wishlists - we are going to give you possibility to share list of most wanted items which will give your friends and family a tip what to buy for you :-)

We are still thinking about what other options might be usefull. Also, as a people who respect your privacy a lot we are keeping a possibility to buy without creating an account.

Click here to create your account on ArmStreet

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