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December 16, 2013

Exclusive Medieval Finger Guntlets. “The King's Guard” collection

Our finger gauntlets is probably one of the most popular ArmStreet's product. Dozens if not hundreds of fighters use them as their main combat gear for SCA events, WMA tournaments and rebated steel fights. Current “Hourglassess” model has been improved many times and this is probably fifth generation of our finger gauntlets.

Medieval Finger Gauntlets SCA Armour“King's Guard” Stainless Medieval Finger Gauntlets

Current version is based on our last version of regular fighting “Hourglasses” finger gauntlets which has some significant changes in design in comparison to previous versions:

  • Deeper finger plates
  • Better thumb shape to protect tip of a thumb
  • Little finger side protection
  • Included leather glove

“King's Guard” finger gauntlets are part of our upcoming “King's Guard” XIV century armour kit. This exclusive version is decorated by brass bordering and etching. Etched inscription on knuckles is “Dictum factum” (latin) — “What is said is done” (eng) and inscription on brass border is  "Contra iram inimicorum meorum extendes manum [tuam]" (Psalm 138:7, latin), which means “Thou shalt stretch forth [thine] hand against the wrath of mine enemies”

Find more about “King's Guard” Stainless Medieval Finger Gauntlets here

Also we have even more exclusive version of hourglasses for true funs of medieval technologies and noble look.

Exclusive Finger Gauntlets Hourglasses Leather covered versionExclusive Finger gauntlets. Leather-covered version of “Hourglasses”

This one has beautiful wire decorations. Main plates are covered with leather which was popular technology for knights kits. We provide good selection of colors for this item so you may have one which fits your barony, team or personal colors.

Check full information about Hourglasses Finger Gauntlets Exclusive Version.

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