News - “Fairy Tale” dress, cloak and jewelry

July 13, 2016

“Fairy Tale” outfit is here

Do you feel the heat? Summer is calling! New “Fairy Tale” collection inspired by fairies and forests, stars and lights invites a sense of joy and celebration in delicate colours of Nature. Come along and enjoy the sun, attend a summer party, have fun at the fair and inhale the scent of fragrant flowers. We hope this collection will inspire you to the dazzling fairy wanderings!

Medieval linen dress “Fairy Tale”

In this range you will find a “Fairy Tale” dress, a cloak for colder nights, a choker necklace with heart medallion and more. The dress is made of very comfortable and light flax linen, it flutters with the slightest breeze or movement. Fine fabric gracefully drapes the body and feels like a second skin. Perfect dress for a fairy maiden or a nymph, while also practical and beautiful summer dress for original people who stand out from the crowd.

Woolen Cloak “Fairy Tale”

Six meters of wool make the cloak so full and gorgeous, that you will certainly have an emerald green shadow! Flowing fabric is gathered around the neck to create shape but not stiff structure. The most interesting feature is the front closure detail which allows to create various looks.

Both the dress and the cloak are hand-embroidered with the cotton threads, so no two are alike. Eye-catching and sure to delight any tree lover or wood spirit, they can be made in soft off-white colors or shades of summer greens to embrace your inner dryad! The choker necklace adds an extra element of delicate refinement. It's very light in weight, not stiff or scratchy, so you'll be happy to wear it not just for special occasions.

Brass etched chocker “Fairy Tale”

Hand crafted with loving care, so each piece has a unique, magical quality. Make them your statement piece or add as an accent to your dreamy fairy tale costume! Cuz some things can only happen in fairy tales…

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