News - Hit dresses 2003-2016

June 04, 2016

ArmStreet best dresses since 2003

Medieval tunic
That's one of our first dresses and it's still beautiful. Since 2003 our photography,
make-up, quality have changed but some things were in the DNA of this company
since the very beginning. Simple, elegant and beautiful dress.

Medieval dress
Our first costume with its own name. One more thing we do our own way.
The skirt like this requires twice more fabric than it is supposed
by traditional medieval pattern but it looks gorgeous.

Medieval gothic dress
Our first gothic dress and our first try to recreate a costume
and a scene from ancient painting.

Medieval dress “Red Elise”
“Red Elise” dress. Our absolute best-seller, still popular after 10 years.

Medieval dress “Forest Princess”
Originally this ensemble has been designed for our own purposes —
for some team members who participated in a local LARP event —
but it was so popular that it became our first 100% fantasy model.

Fantasy dress “Lady hunter”
One more bestseller — our signature sleeves lacing looks great in contrasting
rope and the whole character is designed to be a hit — and it is!

Medieval wedding dress “Isolde”
You wanted a wedding dress — we have one. Some people mentioned that
they've been waiting for us to make a wedding dress and now,
eventually, they can build a real medieval family.

medieval dress “Autumn princess”
Our designer said that she is still surprised that this
pattern works but it works perfectly since 2010.

medieval dress “Archeress”
One of our most complicated and most popular costumes.
We are happy to say that this photo session became a
start of international career of an adorable model.

Renaissance Florentine Dress
Serious step to move forward to the Renaissance fashion.

Fantasy dress “Alchemist's Daughter”
“Alchemist's Daughter” shows what we can make if we are not limited with
historical accuracy and period style. Great costume for crazy people
participating in crazy events.

Fantasy dress “Wanderer”
“Wanderer” fantasy robe is a mixture of luxurious style and rough natural linen
fabric. One more amazing costume to create a one-of-a-kind character.

Medieval wedding dress “Accolade”
“The Accolade” is a wedding dress which came from the
Edmund Leighton's painting.

Viking Costume “Ingrid”
Natural wool, gorgeous trimming and embroidery designed by ArmStreet in
Old Norse style — this is our “Shieldmaiden” collection and “Ingrid” outfit
as its central costume.

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